Biden to Need walking boot after fracturing his foot

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President-elect Joe Biden will require a walking boot after sustaining little cracks to his right foot when playing one of his puppies, based on his physician.

Biden was wounded Saturday and seen with an orthopedist in Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists at Newark, Del., to get a test Sunday afternoon, according to a pool report.

Earlier in the day, physicians said that they found”no apparent fracture,” however a followup CT scan supported hairline fractures of Biden’s”intermediate and lateral cuneiform bones, which can be at the mid-foot,” according to a statement from his physician, Kevin O’Connor.

“It’s anticipated he will probably require a walking boot for many weeks,” O’Connor was quoted as stating.

Reporters covering the president-elect weren’t able to see Biden input the physician’s office. However, Biden was clearly limping when he left the physician’s office to visit an imaging centre for his CT scan, according to pool reports.

Biden was hurt while playing Major, among those Bidens’ two puppies.

In 78, Biden is going to be the earliest president when he is inaugurated in January, but he regularly dismissed questions about his era on the campaign trail. His physician has described him as”healthy, vigorous” and”match to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of the Presidency.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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