California Governor Pushes Back Against Statewide Recall Efforts Against Him

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The failed leadership of California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is truly remarkable. There’s no shortage of reasons why Californians are eager to give their governor the boot; however, failed preparation for wildfires and Newsom’s flagrant hypocrisy in managing coronavirus are at the top of the list.

“Governor Gavin Newsom Announces the Cali” (CC BY 2.0) by jurvetson

For the most part, Newsom has remained largely silent about the recall effort that stands against him. The California governor apparently sought not to draw attention to the growing petition to vote him out. However, since the Recall Newsom movement has garnered well over 1.5 million signatures (and ahead of the March 17, 2021 deadline), the California governor is now speaking out.

Towards the end of last week, Governor Newsom sought to downplay the grassroots movement to remove him from office, Breitbart News confirms.

Governor Newsom on the Move to Recall Him from Office

On Friday, the Democrat governor of the Golden State spoke with a San Francisco-based news station. During talks with KQED, Newsom declared that Californians against him aren’t upset about his leadership, but rather his policies on healthcare, immigration, and other similar matters.

This is what Governor Newsom would like Americans to believe; however, the timeline and facts simply don’t support the California Democrat’s narrative. On multiple occasions, Newsom has violated his own coronavirus restriction edicts and kept his businesses open while mandating that others close.

The Recall Newsom movement is real and it’s not just comprised of Republicans and conservatives. Organizers of the grassroots movement have personally attested that Independents and even some Democrats have signed the petition to get their governor out of office.

Only 1.5 million signatures are necessary by March 17 in order to prompt an election; however, the Recall Newsom movement has almost 2 million signatures supporting their efforts.

Growing Dissatisfaction Towards Democrat Governors

Governor Newsom is one of several left-wing governors facing challenges of his own making.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, another Democrat, is facing bipartisan calls to resign from office, amid sexual harassment claims and news that he intentionally concealed COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. Meanwhile, Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is accused of making secret hush money cash payments to her former aides.

Meanwhile, Americans in general are tiring of the shutdowns and restrictions that Democrats in power have grown so fond of.

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