Nebraska Joins Other GOP States in Fight for Border Security

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The border security of the United States is non-existent. Thanks to steps made by President Biden, the Southern border has become overrun with gangs, drugs, illegal immigrants, and more. 

The White House claims that Vice President Harris is currently focusing on the “root causes” of mass migration to the border. However, Harris is also consistently refusing to visit the border and speak with the officials dealing with matters each and everyday.

After almost 90 days of Harris refusing to visit the Southern border, Republicans are calling on Biden to remove his vice president as the point person for this crisis. 

As it turns out now, states are having to pick up the slack of the federal government. According to Fox News, Nebraska has joined Florida, Texas, and Arizona in moving to fix the border crisis. 

Working to Fix the Southern Border Crisis 

Very recently, Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts announced his decision to deploy state troopers to the Texas Southern border before July.

Ricketts’ announcement comes after the governors of both Texas and Arizona sent out calls for assistance with mitigating the border crisis. News that Nebraska troopers are on their way to the Southern border also comes after Florida agreed to help out Arizona and Texas. 

Moreover, the Republican governor of Nebraska made very clear the seriousness of the border crisis. Ricketts noted in a public statement that public safety and community protection matters. 

Finally, the Nebraska governor noted that the Biden-Harris administration engendered the current crisis that’s hitting hard states like Arizona and Texas. Other Republicans, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are also holding the White House accountable for creating this crisis and refusing to fix it. 

Grassroots Efforts

The show of states like Nebraska and Florida joining in to help Texas and Arizona weather the current storm at the border speaks volumes.

It shows the importance and depth of grassroots efforts to effectuate change. Right now, the Southern border cannot remain in its currently precarious position. Biden and Harris are doing nothing; therefore, the onus falls on others to act. 

Furthermore, the reality that not a single Democrat governor has agreed to help Texas and Arizona fix the border crisis is very telling. It proves that Democrats do not truly view the Southern border crisis as a real issue. 

The left doesn’t care about surges in drugs, human trafficking, or children being abandoned at the Southern border. Instead, leftists are more preoccupied with pushing for critical race theory in schools and running up the national deficit. 

What do you think about Nebraska stepping up to help fix the mess at the Southern border? Should other state join the fight? Sound off down below in the comments section. 

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