Ted Cruz Hits the Biden Administration for Communist Censorship

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At this time, the Biden administration appears as if it’s working to outdo the Chinese Communist Party. Days ago, the White House admitted that it purposefully flags Facebook posts about COVID that don’t fit the current mainstream media narrative. 

Earlier this month, former President Trump announced his decision to bring a lawsuit against big tech companies Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Trump explained that these companies have gotten way too big for their britches and are now intentionally violating free speech rights. 

Apparently, the Biden administration forgot about this. Several days after the announcement of the 45th president’s lawsuit, the White House announced their flagging of COVID Facebook posts. 

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz shortly thereafter called out the Biden administration for being entangled with big tech in order to carry out censorship, per Fox News

A Reality Check from Sen. Ted Cruz

Over the weekend, Sen. Cruz slammed the White House for cozying up to big tech to censor Americans’ free speech rights. The Texas senator pointed out that governments censoring speech they don’t like from citizens is the type of thing that happens in communist nations. 

While speaking with Fox News, Cruz also noted the irony of press secretary Jen Psaki admitting that the White House is working with Facebook to censor posts. The Texas Republican explained that this admission actually strengthens the lawsuit that former President Trump has launched against big tech. 

Cruz then told Fox News that this latest development proves the points that critics of the Biden administration have made all along. The GOP senator then jokingly suggested that perhaps the White House press secretary is secretly paid by former President Trump himself. 

The White House hasn’t directly responded to the statements from Sen. Cruz over the weekend; they have, however, taken hits from Facebook since accusing the social media site of murder. Facebook responded to Biden’s claims that the site is “killing people” by accusing the president and his administration of being out to find a “scapegoat.” 


The parallels between recent actions and statements of the Biden administration compared to communist regimes are undeniable. Psaki also recently professed that anyone who gets barred from one social networking site should lose their accounts on every other platform.

All of this controversy comes on the heels of the White House admitting its plan to send government officials to the residences of Americans who haven’t gotten the COVID vaccine. Many Americans described this as beyond the pale and another form of harassment that isn’t too far removed from that of communist regimes. 

Do you think the Biden administration is taking a communist turn in its behaviors, statements, and policies? Let us get your views in the comments section below. 

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