POLL: Most Americans Want Biden to Focus on Crime, Economy

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Joe Biden has been in office as president for a little over six months….yet, already, he’s made a mess of the nation. Biden rolled back policies from the previous White House administration, thereby opening the floodgates to chaos, disaster, and more. 

Americans are seeing this at the Southern border; it’s also more than apparent amid crime going up across the nation, along with the costs of simply living. The Biden administration doesn’t want to face these realities; in fact, they believe that simply ignoring the problems they’ve created will make Americans forget. 

This is yet another reason why the current White House couldn’t be more disconnected or oblivious from where the American people stand. According to Breitbart News, however, Americans want Biden to focus on the issues that are of true importance. 

Americans on Crime Increases and Economic Inflation

Yesterday, the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research put out a poll about where Americans currently stand on matters facing the nation. The poll revealed that more than seven in ten Americans (71%) believe Biden needs to be focusing on matters like crime and the economy. 

Now, the Biden administration would love for Americans to think that concerns about inflation are merely right-wing talking points; however, a political breakdown of the aforementioned 71% of Americans proves otherwise. 

Of this 71%, 62% are Independents, 68% are Republicans, and a staggering 76% are Democrats. The data speaks for itself. Inflation under Biden is not a right-wing talking point; neither is acknowledging the reality that crime in Democrat cities has increased massively under this president’s watch. 

Strong majorities of Independents, Republicans, and Democrats also believe that the federal government should make cutting back on crime across the country a leading priority. Yet, still, the White House apparently believes that ignoring these issues altogether will make people quit talking about them. 

A President in Denial

Not only is President Biden ignoring the aforementioned issues, but he’s also in clear denial of them. 

On Wednesday, Biden spoke at a CNN town hall event. During this time, he was questioned about a series of topics happening in politics and throughout the nation. Within one segment of the town hall, Biden stated that crime is down, an assertion that simply is not true. 

Unfortunately, crime is up and it’s up across the board in Democrat-run communities. Crime is surging in cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. Biden doesn’t want to face the reality that his presidency has caused more crime; however, he sure wants to strip Americans of their right to bear arms. 

During Wednesday night’s town hall, the 46th president revealed that his agenda entails a nationwide ban on handguns. 

What do you think it will take for President Biden to focus on crime and the economy, as most Americans want him to? Sound off below in the comments section. 

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