Americans Wants Trump, Not Biden, To Lead The Nation: Poll

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The American public whether you’re on the right or the left can all agree that Joe Biden and the policies of his administration are a major contributor to the complete collapse of America.

It’s not difficult to arrive at that conclusion since the quality of life for most citizens has significantly decreased since Joe Biden assumed office and immediately began abolishing Trump’s economic initiatives.

America is currently on life support; we’ve remained intact thanks to our innovators and patriots but we’re nearing the end of this once-great nation. Trumpism in regards to fiscal and foreign policy is truly the only way out of this mess.

More than half of voters now agree. They believe that the Joe Biden presidency has been “bad” for America and believe that the answer to the national crisis is a second Trump presidency.

In the latest in a string of negative polls for Biden, two from Rasmussen Reports reveal that voters are giving up on the president, failing him for his handling of basic issues, most importantly the economy and rising prices.

As a result, it might not be surprising that when asked if the Biden presidency has been “good or bad for the long term success of the United States” most will consider Grandpa Joe a failure.

Just 34% said that the Biden presidency has been good for America. A majority, 52%, said it has been bad, and 11% said it has not made a difference. All age groups failed the president on that question.

When asked if a second Biden term or second Trump presidency “would be better for America,” only 28% chose Biden to Trump’s 42%. Another and significant 27% chose “somebody else.”

A day earlier, Rasmussen said that a sizable 62% believe that the economy has been worse under Biden, whose administration has been rocked by surging inflation on pocketbook items.

In a separate poll, voters were asked who they would support in a 2024 rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump trounced Biden with a 5-point lead.

Suffice to say, Joe Biden and the Democrats are toast. They blew a perfect opportunity to coopt the Trump-era economic policies which were a massive success for years.

Democrats could’ve kept their focus on far-left social issues, which placates their base while keeping in place the economic measures that assisted in Trump’s popularity. This would’ve resulted in a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario and guaranteed victory in the 2022 midterms, and more than likely Biden’s reelection.

Now, Trump is needed more than ever. Democrats are making it easy for us.

Author: Vasily Ivanov

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