Atlanta Mayor Passes the Buck on Rampant Crime Surge

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The city of Atlanta, Georgia is not doing so well. Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has made one bad decision after the other, from interfering with law enforcement doing their jobs, to ignoring the issue of crime altogether. 

Thanks to Mayor Bottoms, Atlanta residents are forced to contend with rises in homicides, carjackings, theft, and other forms of crime. As the situation becomes more precarious, many people are beginning to criticize the mayor of Atlanta. Her poor judgment calls, such as ordering police officers to stand down from moving against crime, are also coming back to bite her. 

Amazingly, though, the Atlanta mayor still has yet to see the light. In fact, Mayor Bottoms just blamed the city’s crime spike on Georgia’s decision to reopen back in March, as Fox News confirms. 

The Atlanta Mayor on New Increases in Crime

On Friday, Mayor Bottoms spoke with MSNBC for an interview. During the conversation, the Georgia Democrat was questioned about whether or not Atlanta police officers are nervous about acting against crime, amid the rise of anti-police sentiment since 2020. 

Of course, the Atlanta mayor completely denied this. Instead, Bottoms claimed that because Georgia “opened up” before other parts of America, this led to folks traveling and partying in the state and in Atlanta.

Bottoms then claimed that her administration is working to get young Atlantans back to work and crack down on the “gun violence epidemic” in America.

Pushback Against the Atlanta Mayor’s Statements

Many people across the nation — not just in Atlanta — are not buying the story that Bottoms is selling. 

It does not make sense for the Atlanta mayor to fault Georgia’s reopening for the rise in the state capital’s crime rates. Many other places across the nation have also reopened; however, they have not suffered through the increase in lawlessness that Atlanta is going through. 

Ultimately, this all comes down to leadership. Mayor Bottoms has taken little to no action to drive down crime in Atlanta. However, she’s pushed for gender-neutral bathrooms and serenaded the vice president to promote the coronavirus vaccine. Until leadership changes in Atlanta, residents should expect more crime and more failure. 

On Saturday afternoon, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp slammed Mayor Bottoms’ mischaracterization about the rise of crime in Atlanta. Governor Kemp noted that Bottoms appears willing to blame everything and everyone other than herself. 

Weeks ago, though, Bottoms announced that she would not be seeking another mayoral term in Atlanta. 

What do you think is most responsible for the increase of crime in the city of Atlanta, Georgia? Do you believe the leadership of Mayor Bottoms plays a role in this or is the crime all just because of Georgia reopening? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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