Biden Administration Gearing Up to Increase Taxes on Gas

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Job loss, crises at the Southern border, and higher prices on gas are just a few negative consequences stemming from the Biden administration. The loss of employment happened on day one when the Democrat president signed an executive order shuttering the 11,000+ jobs created by Keystone Pipeline.

“Pete Buttigieg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

It gets worse, though. Biden’s nominees for various administrations are just as radical as he is, if not moreso. Furthermore, since the U.S. Senate remains controlled by the Democrats, Biden nominees are getting confirmed left and right.

Earlier this morning, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spoke with MSNBC. During this interview, Buttigieg confirmed that a gas tax surge is on the horizons, as documented by Breitbart News.

What to Know About a Possible Gas Tax Surge

Buttigieg explained this morning that President Biden’s next order of business after the American Rescue Plan is getting passed a new infrastructure bill. The Transportation Secretary also confirmed that he personally has spoken with GOP lawmakers who are interested in repairs and building for infrastructure.

Of course, the topic of funding for infrastrucuture arose, which is where the possible gas tax surge comes in. Buttigieg professed that “a lot of different ways” to fund an infrastructure package exist; then, he noted that the gas tax has remained unchanged since 1993.

The Transportation Secretary later went on to explain that a “medium-term solution” for funding an infrastructure package would be modifying the gas tax for inflation.

Higher Taxes During an Economic Crisis

During an economic crisis with millions out of work, the last thing most Americans want is higher taxes. Nonetheless, Buttigieg framed a possible gas tax hike as an “investment” into infrastructure projects across the nation.

The Transportation Secretary also asserted that the rise of electric vehicles will ultimately cause more Americans to use less gas. Finally, Buttigieg claimed that the infrastructure package will ultimately “pay for itself” in the long run.

Increasing taxes is right in keeping with Democrats’ policies and reforms. With the left in control of the Senate and House, there is a strong likelihood that an infrastucture package from this administration could pass through Congress. Another unfortunate reality is that gas prices have already surged since Biden’s time as president.

What do you think about a potential hike in the gas tax? How do you feel about gas prices already going up under the Biden administration? Let us know in the comments section below.

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