Biden Defaults On Promise To “Shut Down Virus” As U.S. Sets New Daily Record For Cases

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Democrat President Joe Biden has led the United States to set a new global daily record of more than 1 million coronavirus cases on Monday after campaigning on the promise to “shut down the virus.”

“The highly mutated variant drove U.S. cases to a record, the most — by a large margin — that any country has ever reported since the pandemic began more than two years ago. Monday’s number is almost double the previous record of about 590,000 set just four days ago in the U.S., which itself was a doubling from the prior week,” Bloomberg News reported.

“America’s daily case count on Monday was more than twice the number seen in any other country at any time. The highest number outside the U.S. came during India’s delta surge, when more than 414,000 people were diagnosed on May 7, 2021.”

The vast majority of the daily cases per capita reported on Monday come from Democrat run New York. In Washington, DC, reports of new infections are up about 800 percent over the last two weeks, according to the New York Times. In New York City, new cases have increased 600 percent.

The report said that the new recorded numbers come as many Americans are relying on at-home tests, which are not reported to government health officials, to see if they have been infected with the coronavirus. “This means that the new record is surely a significant under-estimate,” the report added.

On top of the higher case count, more Americans have now died from the virus under Biden than did so under former President Donald Trump according to CDC data from last month.

Biden’s approval rating remains critically low and this news certainly won’t do him any favors in that regard. More Americans are currently disapproving of his handling of the pandemic than at any other point during his first year in office.

Biden repeatedly promised while on the campaign trail that he was going to “shut down the virus,” and the reality is he has done the opposite. Apparently his only plan was to force vaccinations onto as many Americans as possible which clearly has not solved a thing.

The CDC reported back in January that on January 20, 2021, at 1:16PM, there were 400,306 deaths recorded in the U.S. from the coronavirus. Biden officially became president of the United States at noon on that day.

Since then, the number of people who have died from coronavirus under Biden’s watch is now greater than 400,306.

According to recent CDC data, at least 800,939 Americans have died from the coronavirus, which means that at least 400,633 Americans have died under Biden’s leadership.

Biden claimed during the 2020 campaign that Trump was essentially responsible for every American that died during the pandemic, a claim that was quickly debunked by mainstream fact-checkers.

“If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive,” Biden falsely claimed. “All the people—I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.”

Author: Henry Drisety

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