Biden Gets Low Approval Ratings on Management of COVID

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When Biden was running for president, he professed that he would “defeat” COVID. It hasn’t happened; in spite of Biden’s heavy-handed COVID vaccine mandates, he hasn’t at all defeated this virus.

What Biden’s doing right now is ruining the economy. He’s railroading American citizens out of jobs at a time when more workers and labor are desperately needed across different sectors.

It’s no coincidence that Biden’s continuously sunk in various polls tracking his approval ratings. In fact, this president is alienating more voters the longer he remains in office.

Now, Breitbart News is bringing light to a new poll showing fresh low approval ratings on Biden’s overall management of COVID. This president keeps living in a fantasy land that is completely removed from where the American people stand on various pressing matters.

Bad News for Biden

The unpopularity of the president’s COVID vaccine mandates is readily apparent, as evidenced by how Americans are responding to these measures. Now, a recent poll run by Politico and Morning Consult has more bad news for Biden.

The poll’s data reveals 54% of the country rated Biden’s handling of COVID as either poor or fair. 39% described the president’s job in this arena as “poor”; meanwhile, 19% rated the work of the president on COVID as “fair.”

Yet another poll, this one from Axios-Ipsos, shows that fewer Americans trust this president. Only 42% stated they harbored “fair” or “great” levels of trust in Biden.

Both of the aforementioned polls come after Biden announced his illegal COVID vaccine mandates last month. Earlier this month, the president had the audacity to claim the public shouldn’t let these mandates divide them.

Thankfully, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stomped Biden for making such a silly statement. On Friday, in Naples, Florida, DeSantis explained that Biden is the one dividing Americans with mandates that strip jobs away from people and funding away from hospitals.

More Problems with Biden in Office

COVID vaccine mandates are a very real problem stemming from Biden’s presidency. Another problem is the president’s plan to have the IRS track Americans’ financial transactions amounting to $600+.

This is a matter that Nancy Pelosi has already spoken favorably about; however, other Americans are calling this out for what it is: overreach and privacy violations. Critics of this plan maintain that if the U.S. government needs to oversee the financials of certain individuals, they can obtain a warrant accordingly.

Biden’s work to turn over this information to the IRS is about tracking every single American, not about making wealthy people pay whatever Biden deems as their “fair share” in taxes.

Do you approve of the job Biden’s done thus far regarding COVID? We look forward to reading your views in the comments area below.

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