Biden Gives Putin ‘Green Light’ — Psaki Forced To Intervene

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Joe Biden’s inability to convey a cogent thought about anything has put the United States into some serious hot water.

During a two hour-long press conference, Biden discussed a series of issues from a pre-planned list of questions and reporters. One moment of the press conference, however, seriously jeopardized America’s geopolitical standing.

Despite previous threatening remarks against Putin, Biden appeared to give up the idea of stopping the Russian President from invading Ukraine, telling reporters that “he will move in, he has to do something.”

Biden has ruled out using troops to stop a potential invasion into Ukraine, but his statements on Wednesday (whether intentional or not) portray a softening for the plight of Russia. Conversely, Donald Trump would be considered a traitor if he even came close to making this statement.

But Biden seemed to concede that Russia might invade, and that the U.S. reaction might depend on whether it was a “minor incursion” or something more significant.

Biden reiterated his thoughts that he did not think Putin wanted a “full-blown war,” but that he thought Putin would “test the West, test the United States and NATO,” though he would “pay a serious and dear price” and would “regret” having invaded Ukraine.

Later, Biden was asked whether his apparent willingness to tolerate a “minor incursion” meant that sanctions would not be imposed. He was equivocal, saying “it depends” on what Putin did, and whether NATO could be united around a response.

Asked again whether he thought Russia would invade, Biden said it was “totally, solely, completely a Putin decision.” He then speculated on whether Putin might one day attempt a larger-scale invasion of Ukraine. “I believe he’s calculating.”

Biden’s comments were widely interpreted as giving a green light to Putin.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki rushed to clarify Biden’s press conference statements on the likelihood of a Russian invasion and exactly what the United States response would look like.

This highlights a growing divide between Biden’s words and the actions taken by his White House handlers to correct them.


Author: Asa McCue

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