Biden Has Yet to Congratulate Youngkin for Winning Virginia

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On Tuesday, Glenn Youngkin scored a major win for the Republican Party when he defeated Terry McAuliffe and became the governor-elect of Virginia. Youngkin’s win happened despite Democrats campaigning nationwide to ensure McAuliffe got to the governor’s mansion this go around.

Youngkin’s win comes as a major blow to President Biden. In between passing illegal vaccine mandates and working to force through trillions in new spending, Biden took time to go to Virginia and rally for McAuliffe.

None of it made a difference…at least not in the way Biden hoped. Youngkin handily defeated McAuliffe earlier this week, much to the president’s chagrin.

Moreover, Biden (who ran on unity and ending the divide between Republicans and Democrats) apparently has not phoned Youngkin to congratulate him on his win, according to Newsmax.

Poor Sportsmanship on Biden’s End

On Thursday, the White House confirmed Biden hasn’t had any direct conversations with Youngkin, despite his win in Virginia. Later, the White House reminded that Biden campaigned for McAuliffe and would have preferred him to win, instead of Youngkin.

During the press conference, the White House furthermore walked back recent comments from Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris originally stated what happened in the Virginia race would indicate what’s to come in upcoming U.S. elections.

However, with McAuliffe’s defeat, the White House shifted this narrative. Now, the Biden administration is claiming previous elections do not determine the results of their future counterparts.

The White House also went on to remind the public that the 2022 midterm races are one year out. This is clearly the White House’s means of downplaying Youngkin’s win; prior to McAuliffe’s defeat, Democrats didn’t hesitate to embrace the notion of Virginia being a bellwether for the midterms.

What to Expect from Youngkin’s Governorship

As governor of Virginia, Youngkin will be taking the commonwealth in a different direction than the leftist agenda being embraced by Democrats nationwide.

For starters, Youngkin will protect Second Amendment rights and the right of parents to have a say in what various school boards are teaching to their children. Likewise, Youngkin will lower taxes and empower the residents of Virginia to keep more of their money.

Youngkin’s governorship will also lessen the role of government in the lives of Virginia residents. Unlike McAuliffe, Youngkin’s not going to serve as just another rubber stamp for the radical agenda of the Biden administration.

As Youngkin said during his victory speech, there’s a new day in the commonwealth. Virginians voted for Youngkin because they were ready for Virginia to head in a different direction.

This is something the Biden administration needs to be aware of.

What do you think about Biden’s refusal to call Glenn Youngkin and congratulate him for becoming the next governor of Virginia? We’d like to read your thoughts below in the comments area.

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