Biden in the Hot Seat Over Illegal Immigration and Public Safety

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In the nearly seven months that Joe Biden’s been in the White House, he’s done so much damage to this nation. The damage is readily apparent to anyone paying attention; however, as time passes, more people are beginning to call this president out on his failures.

Right now, illegal immigration and public safety are two of several issues that have Biden in the hot seat. Americans are not pleased about the crises at the Southern border which are causing consistent issues. It’s also become apparent that the Biden administration has no real plan of action to fix this.

According to a fresh Fox News poll, the issues of illegal immigration and public safety are growing thorns in the side of the Biden presidency.

Americans on Illegal Immigration and Public Safety

In regards to illegal immigration, the latest data from Fox News reveals that 57% of Americans do not approve of the president’s job. Meanwhile, 51% also disapprove of the job that Biden has done when it comes to public safety.

Both illegal immigration and public safety have worsened since Biden came into power. Another parallel between illegal immigration and public safety is that they are both suffering due to leftist policies.

Biden opened the floodgates at the Southern border when he repealed the commonsense border policies Trump had set up. Meanwhile, Democrat leaders opened the doors to crime and mayhem by defunding their local police departments. Many of these leftist mayors, amid surges in crime, are now seeking to restore funding for law enforcement.

Fox News’ poll also revealed that more than 80% of the nation’s residents worry about inflation, violent crime, and partisan divisions. What’s most ironic about the latter is Biden’s previous vow to be a president for all Americans.

Biden stated that he would unify the nation and bring people together; yet, the only things Biden’s managed to bring together are a higher national deficit, higher living costs, drugs at the Southern border, and crime surges nationwide.

Intentional Harm Done to the United States

It’s horrific to witness the harm that Biden has wreaked upon the United States in less than seven months of his presidency. What’s happening right now appears to be intentional, which poses serious danger to the country.

As multiple Republicans have pointed out, everyone would be collectively better off if Biden had done absolutely nothing since getting into office. The 46th president’s actions are worse than any inaction on his end could possibly be. Again, this speaks volumes to the levels of incompetent leadership that exists in the White House right now.

What do you think about the status of illegal immigration and public safety under President Biden? Let us know in the comments section below.

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