Biden Manipulates ‘Act Of Terror’ To Push More Gun Control

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Leave it to a lifelong Democrat to completely exploit a tragic anti-Semitic terrorist attack to push for limiting Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens.

That’s precisely Joe Biden’s modus operandi as a north Texas synagogue reels from a recent attack by a radical Islamic terrorist.

President Joe Biden told reporters that the man who took four hostages at a Texas synagogue on Saturday night committed an “act of terror.”

But that “act of terror” is not that of a Islamic lunatic, but a result of free and open gun ownership in Texas.

The president released a preliminary statement after the hostages were released Saturday night but spoke with reporters on the subject for the first time while participating in a community service project in Philadelphia.

“This was an act of terror. This was an act of terror,” Biden stated upon entering the food bank.

Biden claimed to speak with Attorney General Merrick Garland earlier in the day about the situation and that they are “focused” on dealing “with these kinds of acts.”

Biden declined to elaborate when pressed by reporters for a motive behind the terror act because he doesn’t “have all the facts” but said he would go into further detail at his press conference on Wednesday.

However, without “all the facts” the cognitively deficient president was still able to make a bold anti-gun statement while alluding to the loose gun control laws in Texas.

The terrorist is a  44-year-old British citizen named Malik Faisal Akram, who has a sordid history supporting ISIS and other radical Islamic organizations.

“The assertion was that he got the weapons on the street. He purchased them when he landed,” Biden explained.

“Apparently, he spent the first night in a homeless shelter. I don’t have all the detail yet, so I’m reluctant to go into more detail, but, and allegedly, he purchased it on the street. Now what that means, I don’t know. Whether he purchased it from an individual in a homeless shelter or a homeless community, because that’s where he said he was, it’s hard to tell.”

Biden noted that expanding background checks for gun sales, while “critical.”

What a joke.

“There’s so many guns that have been sold of late, it’s just ridiculous,” he said in closing.

 “And it’s because of the failure of us to focus as hard as we should and as consistent as we should on gun purchases, gun sales, ghost guns, and a whole range of things that I’m trying to do.”

It’s insane how these anomalies happen to pop up in times of political need when Democrat politicians are desperate to make headway with the American voters.

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