Biden pushes faith for a unifier in National Prayer Breakfast

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President Joe Biden on Thursday pushed religion as the prescription to its”dark, dark times” he said the country is affected through amid a continuous pandemic and the corresponding economic fallout.

“Today, I’ve attended many of those prayer breakfasts over the years using a country at war and battle and strife, a state of peace and prosperity, a country however always in prayer. What we know now differs,” Biden told the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, record off events of this past year, for instance, pandemic death toll, severe weather, higher unemployment, and long lines at banks. “For so many in our country, this really is a dark, dark time. So, where can we turn? Faith.”

Biden, the next Catholic to serve as president{} political unity in a time when most have been needing. “These aren’t Democrats or Republicans going hungry in our country. They are not Democrats or Republicans moving without health care in the United States.

The National Prayer Breakfast, hosted annually on the first Thursday in February, has become a convention for sitting presidents dating back to President Dwight Eisenhower’s look at the event in 1953. , a close friend of Biden’s, stated the breakfast”admits the teachings of Jesus but isn’t restricted to Christianity” and is supposed to be”an inclusive and positive event.”

However, the breakfast has sometimes taken on a more rigorous tone in the past several decades. Former President Barack Obama acquired backlash at 2010 because of his look at the occasion , that was sponsored by the conservative Christian evangelical set the Fellowship Foundation.

And President Donald Trump was understood to utilize the breakfast for a place for score-settling and axe-grinding, mockingly asking attendees to plead for Arnold Schwarzenegger within the reduced evaluations of”The Apprentice,” the NBC reality show that Trump hosted and Schwarzenegger took over. In a subsequent breakfast, Trump lashed out in”corrupt and dishonest” individuals following his 2020 impeachment acquittal.

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