Biden Would Rather Do Business With Dictators Than Create Energy Independence

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The Democrats are in too deep with the climate change lobbyists to turn back now. They simply cannot abandon their green energy investments even if it means bankrupting the entire nation and destroying any semblance of energy independence.

The Biden administration is hellbent on never producing oil in the United States again. Instead, they will put out sporadic political fires by importing oil from the world’s most brutal communist dictators in order to temporarily lower gas prices until after the midterms.

Once the dust has settled, and voters seem to have calmed down about historic gas prices, the Democrats will proceed as usual, making existence more expensive for the American working and middle classes.

However, as the political situation becomes dire for the Democrats, the Biden administration is willing to do business with a communist dictator in an effort to sway disgruntled voters back to the party that caused skyrocketing gas prices in the first place.

According to two separate administration officials, the Biden administration is set to announce they will ease Trump-era sanctions on gas imports from Venezuela, a South American country run by a communist dictator.  In addition, U.S. oil corporation Chevron will be allowed to enter into negotiations with Venezuelan state-owned firm PDVSA over potential continued operations in the oil-rich nation.

“[The U.S. agreed to lift some sanctions] on the basis of ambitious, concrete and irreversible outcomes that empower the Venezuelan people to determine the future in their country through democratic elections,” one official told CNN.

While this may sound like a sick joke, well, it isn’t — this is the hellish Democrat Party platform.

If we’re understanding this correctly, the Biden administration is willing to enrich a nation controlled by a communist dictator in exchange for Maduro’s willingness to establish western democracy in Venezuela. It’s the Iraq War all over again!

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on Venezuela for over 15 years now but it wasn’t until Donald Trump took the helm did the militant left nation really feel the squeeze. In 2019, the Trump administration slapped Venezuela with a new round of sanctions that reduced Maduro’s oil profits by $11 billion per year — now THAT’S how you defeat global communism.

As a result of the Trump-era sanctions, the U.S. hasn’t imported oil from Venezuela since May 2019, according to government data. Our ability to produce oil stateside destroyed the need to do business with dictators — a move the Biden administration hopes to reverse.

Let’s be frank: Democrats have no problem buddying up with communist dictators and will do so to achieve any of their domestic political aims. Obama did it with Cuba’s Castro regime and Biden is doing it with the Maduro regime.

Venezuela consistently ranks as one of the least “free” countries in the world, according to Freedom House.

Biden’s appeal to Venezuela comes after his administration further reduced domestic production of oil and gas. The Department of Interior canceled the last remaining offshore oil and gas lease sales last week after drastically scaling pack the federal onshore production program.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that every single state in the Nation is now paying over $4 a gallon.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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