Biden’s Approval Rating Falls to a Humiliatingly Low Point

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The leadership of the Biden administration constitutes a historic, epic fail. With less than nine months on the job, the 46th president is quite literally turning out to be the worst president ever. Even Obama wasn’t this bad.

Piece by piece, Biden is working to fundamentally dismantle freedom and security in the United States. The president aims to replace freedom with fascism and security with socialism. Biden doesn’t understand that he’s not building back better; he’s tearing down what makes America great.

More and more people are becoming exasperated with the president, the longer his pitiful term drags out. In every single poll, Biden’s approval ratings get lower and lower. Now, a new poll on the president is out. Newsmax confirms that the numbers do not look good for Biden at all.

A Joker of a President

The fresh reports from Rasmussen reveal just how much of the country is waking up to the fecklessness of Joe Biden. The index of Biden’s approval rating shakes out to 29%. Meanwhile, the amount of U.S. voters who are in disapproval of Biden comes out at 58%.

It truly speaks volumes that close to six out of every ten people do not approve of what Biden is doing. It also flies in the face of the White House’s preposterous narrative that the president’s policies are popular and well-liked. If this were the case, Biden wouldn’t be sinking like the Titanic in these polls.

A grand 50% of Americans “strongly disapprove” of Biden. Just 21% told Rasmussen Reports they “strongly approve” of the commander-in-chief. The longer Biden goes on, the more apparent it becomes that this individual has no clue what he’s doing.

A Disgrace of a Political Party

The Democrat Party has made an absolute disgrace of themselves. Like Biden, the Democrats are collectively feigning as if everything is all good.

Meanwhile, more Americans are finding it harder to keep up with inflation. Border Patrol agents are finding it harder to do their drops, thanks to an epidemic of illegal immigration that President Biden set in motion.

This doesn’t even account for the American citizens who Biden, in true sociopathic fashion, left confined in Afghanistan where the Taliban calls the shots. Democrats think everything is going well right now. This is why they’re trying to expand their majorities in Congress.

The multiple crises happening in the United States right now are a prime reason why leftist leadership is dangerous and unsustainable. With all the problems that Biden has managed to create in less than nine months, there is absolutely no telling what America will look like in a year from now.

What do you think about the latest, lowest approval ratings for President Biden? Do you think Biden is doing a good or poor job? Let us know below in the comments section.

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