BREAKING: Top Biden Official To Face Impeachment After Midterms

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The Red Tsunami is happening.

It’s become an inarguable fact that Democrats have slowly accepted. Their strategy moving forward is to simply mitigate their losses and hope for the best; there’s truly nothing else they can do.

This gives Republicans a significant advantage at a very peculiar time in politics right now. Leveraging their majority in (hopefully) both chambers of Congress will allow Republicans to hold Biden and his officials accountable for the degradation of American society brought on by their policies.

If the GOP doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity to impeach, they might as well hang it up, go home, and retire from politics forever. Democrats would deserve to reign uninterrupted if Republicans don’t strike back after years and years of chaos so-called “progressives” politicians enabled and perpetuated.

But it appears Republican lawmakers plan to hold Biden’s feet to the fire and will seek impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas — the man responsible for the current disaster at the US-Mexico border.

The Republican Study Committee is preparing to push for impeachment, with some lawmakers itching to call for proceedings. However, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “wants to make the case before we go for the jugular,” a source revealed.

McCarthy is already making a big mistake if his mindset is to wait for some piece of magical evidence. The time is now.

Did Democrats wait to make their case before they proceeded with the impeachment of Donald Trump?

Rep. Banks and co-chair of the House Border Security Caucus Brian Babin sent a letter Monday to Mayorkas, asking him to explain his stances on certain immigration policies and to outline steps that DHS is taking to secure the southern border.

Monday’s letter, which was signed by over 100 Republican lawmakers, asked Mayorkas to explain whether he believes certain migrants should be detained or released, to detail how DHS is maintaining control of the border, and to say the amount of money it’s costs to “cancel, pause, or otherwise halt” building a border wall.

Mayorkas has a constitutional obligation to secure our Homeland; it’s the oath he took upon taking office — and he’s failed miserably.

Republicans have an immensely secure case if they wish to proceed with impeachment. Any hesitation will likely ensure the total failure of the GOP’s plan to seek retribution against Joe Biden and his administration of far-left partisans who’re hellbent on transforming the country into a raceless, genderless, borderless, dystopian nightmare.

Author: Asa McCue

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