California Businesses Fleeing State in Droves

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California is a state with a lot of problems. Years of being under leftist control, surging homelessness, sky-high taxes, burdensome regulations upon businesses, etc., are just a few examples.

Right now, California is in the middle of a recall election for Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom is working with all his might to fight off being recalled; he’s even going to have Vice President Kamala Harris campaigning on his behalf very shortly.

Right now, however, the impacts of failed left-wing leadership continue to materialize. This is an undeniable reality, despite how Democrats endeavor to rewrite history and pretend like the facts aren’t what they are.

As documented by Washington Examiner, businesses in the state of California are quite literally fleeing in droves.

Why Businesses are Fleeing the Golden State

According to an analysis probing the migration of businesses, California establishments are leaving the state in record numbers. To be precise, departures from the Golden State are much more frequent this year than they’ve been during previous years.

What’s more interesting is that the record rise of businesses leaving the state is likely much higher than officially reported. That’s because of the reality that smaller establishments aren’t under any obligations to inform that they’ve moved.

Hoover Institution at Stanford University authors found very clear reasons for why businesses are saying bye-bye to California. These reasons ultimately boil down to lower living affordability in the Golden State, higher taxes, higher costs to do business, and repressive regulations.

Interestingly enough, when businesses leave California, the states they most frequently relocate to are Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. It’s also interesting to note that both Texas and Arizona are red states; meanwhile, Texas remains known as a great state to do business, whereas California continues to garner and maintain a reputation for precisely the opposite.

A State in Shambles

At this point, it is pretty much a given that leftist leadership eventually trashes anything it touches. California is a prime reality of this. In fact, California is no longer in a place where it can live up to its nickname of the Golden State.

California remains in shambles because its leadership is rotten. At virtually every level, state residents have elected Democrats into power. The end result of this is massive homelessness, unaffordable living costs, high taxes, businesses leaving the state, and residents moving away.

The recall election gives Californians a chance to undo at least some of the messes they’ve created. Time will tell whether or not California votes to keep failed leadership in power or votes for something different.

What do you think about the reality that businesses are leaving the state of California in record numbers? Sound off below in the section for comments.

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