California Democrats Under Fire for Letting Violent Offenders Out Early

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Over the past year, the Democrat Party has adopted a very backwards approach regarding the rule of law in America. As the left rallies to defund and even eliminate police in the United States, they simultaneously want to end cash bail, do away with prisons, and let offenders out of jail. 

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Blue states with Democrats in charge began letting out prisoners back in 2020. The justification for this decision was the claim that having cellmates in tight quarters only allows for the further spread of COVID-19.

Right now, California Democrats, in particular, are facing heat for granting violent offenders early releases from prison, per Fox News

Pro-Criminal Leadership in California

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has fully thrown his weight behind granting violent felons and offenders the opportunity to get out of prison early; George Gascón, the district attorney of Los Angeles County, is right there with Newsom in support of this pro-criminal agenda. 

Now, both Newsom and Gascón face backlash from Todd Spitzer, the district attorney of California’s Orange County. On Monday, Spitzer told Fox News that California has completely lost control. 

A total of 76K inmates in California will have the opportunity to get out of prison earlier than scheduled, if they establish a pattern of “good behavior” behind bars. Previously, credits for good behavior shaved off 1/5 of prisoners’ jail sentences, however, California is now upping 1/5 to 1/3. 

The Orange County district attorney cautioned yesterday that under California’s new rules, “the most violent of the violent” will have access to the general public. Spitzer also warned that the so-called credits for good behavior are given out very liberally and not actually earned via any merit or any form of rehabilitation. 

Neither Governor Newsom nor the Los Angeles County district attorney has issued any subsequent responses. 

Getting Out of the Golden State

California’s decision to grant violent offenders a free pass is all the more reason why so many people are leaving California.

Ultimately, the state’s decision to let violent offenders out of prison early is about leftists aiming to be as woke and progressive as possible; sadly, this comes at the expense of both public safety and law & order. 

Meanwhile, Governor Newsom is facing a strong recall effort in his state due to years of ineffective, disastrous leadership. 

What do you think about California paving the way for violent offenders to get out of jail early? Let us know your thoughts or concerns in the comments section below.

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