Delusional Commie Ex-Mayor Pretends To Have Political Career

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The single most unpopular New York City mayor truly believes he has a future in politics. But as we know, most leftists are delusional, lacking in the required self-awareness to understand what’s really behind the evil political ideology they espouse.

Now that his Park Slope, Brooklyn, address has been redistricted, former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is considering a congressional run, the New York Post reports.

If he decides to run, de Blasio, a lifelong Democrat, would face former Rep. Max Rose in a June primary, with the winner challenging Republican incumbent Nicole Malliotakis.

Malliotakis’ district, which covers traditionally Republican Staten Island and part of southern Brooklyn, has been redrawn to include the heavily Democratic Brooklyn neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Gowanus, and Park Slope.

According to the Post, the Democratic legislators who redrew the 11th Congressional District map to help push Malliotakis out are furious that de Blasio, who was unable to muster support for a governor’s run, is now eyeing it as a fresh opportunity to take a next step politically.

“The Democratic Party is not happy about this,” a source familiar with the matter revealed earlier this week.

“The last thing they want is a primary race where money is wasted and there is mudslinging; however, no one is surprised because de Blasio never listens to anyone.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already taken aim at Malliotakis, trying to connect her to Trump and the Jan. 6 Capitol protest.

“Malliotakis is not just out of touch with New Yorkers, she’s downright dangerous — and her extremism will be rejected at the ballot box,” a spokesperson for the committee said.

Malliotakis said, in a statement, that the redistricting is “a blatant attempt by the Democrat leadership in Albany to steal this seat, even after New Yorkers voted twice by ballot referendum for non-partisan maps.”

Despite the new lines, the congresswoman said she will run for her seat again.

De Blasio’s Park Slope home is currently represented in Congress by Yvette Clarke, an ally of the former mayor whom he would be unlikely to challenge. With Rose, however, he has no such relationship.

Two years ago, Rose ran a campaign ad that was sharply critical of the then-mayor.

After eight years leading the city, de Blasio has not yet decided how he will spend his time since leaving office Dec. 31.

If he were to run, de Blasio’s supporters believe he could do well among Black and Latino voters in parts of the newly drawn district, though he remains unpopular among conservative white voters and progressives in his native Park Slope.

Lest we forget, de Blasio is a fake Italian who changed his name to appear more ‘hip’ to New York City residents. He’s a fraud, a swindler, a common grifter – and most importantly – he’s a communist. This man deserves to be in jail, not in the U.S. Capitol Building voting on legislation.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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