Democrat Leader Caught Funneling Taxpayer Money To Family Members

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Another day, another Democrat exposed for being corrupt!

Democratic South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn has distributed more than $200,000 in campaign funds to entities controlled by his relatives, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, has made 15 rental payments to a company controlled by a daughter and son-in-law, and 39 direct payments to another daughter and son-in-law. Clyburn’s grandson also appears to be a salaried employee and has received twice-monthly payments from the Clyburn campaign since October 2021.

[source: The Daily Caller]

The Clyburn campaign paid 49 Magnolia Blossom LLC $62,500 in 15 installments from March 2020 to January 2022 for “office rent,” according to FEC filings. 49 Magnolia Blossom LLC was incorporated in 2018, with Clyburn’s son-in-law Walter A. Reed listed as the company’s agent. Walter Reed is married to Clyburn’s daughter Jennifer Clyburn Reed, whom President Joe Biden appointed federal co-chair of the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission. In addition to the funds paid to his LLC, the Clyburn campaign paid $650 to Walter Reed personally for “office maintenance lighting” in May 2021, Fox News noted.

Clyburn Reed also received significant payments from the Clyburn campaign. During her father’s successful 2020 re-election campaign, Clyburn Reed was paid $45,000, which the Clyburn campaign described in filings as a “campaign management fee.”

Walter and Jennifer’s son, Walter A.C. Reed, was employed by the Clyburn campaign as well. Walter A.C. Reed, Rep. Clyburn’s grandson, received $37,500 across eleven payments from the campaign since October 2021.

The Clyburn campaign also paid the congressman’s other daughter and son-in-law, Angela and Cecil Hannibal, a combined $90,762 for various activities dating back to 2010.

Overall, Friends of Jim Clyburn has paid Clyburn’s family members and entities they control $236,412 since 2010.

Clyburn is one of several members of Congress who have funneled money to relatives through campaign accounts in recent years. Democratic Connecticut Rep. Jahana Hayes paid her adult children more than $35,000 out of campaign funds since entering Congress in 2021. Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters paid her daughter more than $100,000 during the 2018 election cycle.

To be fair, Republicans deal in this kind of corruption as well — but never the America First lawmakers — which says a lot.

However, the entire liberal worldview is based on the idea of ending corruption in government and in corporate America. Clyburn’s habit of enriching his family using taxpayer money is the exact form of hypocrisy voters will consider before stepping in to the voter booth come November.

Author: Nolan Sheridan

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