Democrats Becoming More Disillusioned with Vice President Harris

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Since getting into the White House, President Joe Biden has placed Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of several tasks. One of these tasks involves fixing the Southern border crisis, a responsibility in which Harris has repeatedly and completely failed. 

Even with less than a year into Biden’s presidential tenure, Democrats are looking ahead to the future. Many are eager to maintain their power in Washington D.C., and especially in the Oval Office. However, this could be easier said than done. 

By the time 2024 arrives, Biden will be 81; despite his prior promises to seek another term in the White House, there’s a real likelihood that 81-year-old Biden will be in no position to do this. 

To many people, Vice President Harris would be the next obvious choice for Democrats; however, Newsmax documents that Democrats are becoming more disillusioned with the current vice president as her tenure progresses. 

Democrats’ Concerns Regarding Kamala Harris

Right now, a growing number of leftists are concerned that putting up Harris as the Democrats’ 2024 presidential nominee would result in disaster for the party. Democrat operatives have openly come out and opined that Harris should not serve as “heir apparent,” in the event that Biden declines to seek a second term. 

Thus far, the vice president is facing rumors that her staffers are not working in a positive environment; meanwhile, some political strategists maintain that the vice president’s press team is not providing her with sound or wise counsel. All of this comes on top of the massive criticism faced by Harris from Republicans and Democrats alike regarding her response to the Southern border. 

Publicly, of course, the White House is downplaying all of this. In fact, earlier this week, the White House chief of staff put out a statement praising Harris; the particulars of this statement go on to allege that the vice president is “delivering” on voting rights, jobs, vaccinations, small businesses, and immigration. 

Possible Challengers for Biden-Harris in 2024

No matter who Democrats run in 2024, there will be a Republican challenger one way or another. 

In truth, there are several top GOP big names on the list of potential Republican nominees for the 2024 election. However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is presently at the top of the list. The Florida governor’s leadership has entailed him cracking down against riots, banning anti-liberty vaccine passports, and saying no to overreach from the federal government. 

Many Republicans would like the Florida governor to seek a presidential term. Conservatives also widely believe that having DeSantis’ leadership at the nation level would come as a relief after four years of Biden in the White House. 

Do you think Kamala Harris will run for president in 2024? Let us know your predictions below in the comments section. 

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