Democrats May Not be Able to Take Down the Senate Filibuster

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At this time, there are a lot of bills that the Democrat Party aims to pass into law. H.R.1 and the PRO Act are just a few examples; however, legislation of this nature will significantly change the type of country America is. It will also give Democrats a considerable amount of control over the lives of the people. 

Right now, the Senate filibuster is the line standing between U.S. freedoms and socialism. Democrats in the Senate are therefore eager to rip down the Senate filibuster and ensure that it can’t stand in their way. 

“Senator Joe Manchin (WV)” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Third Way

However, this is going to be much easier said than done. According to Breitbart News, centrist Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is stating that he will not support any attempt to weaken or abolish the filibuster. 

Good News for the Senate Filibuster

Yesterday, Sen. Manchin spoke with the Washington Post regarding his stance on the Senate filibuster.

The West Virginia Democrat confirmed that “no circumstance” exists in which he will vote for the weakening or erasure of the Senate filibuster. This proclamation came after Manchin explained his belief that the filibuster exists to maintain the presence of a “democratic” government. 

Manchin’s remarks also involved the condemnation of “partisan solutions.” According to the West Virginia senator, bills voted into law strictly across party lines do absolutely nothing to solve problems in America. Manchin then called upon members of his party to resist the urge to “abandon” GOP senators and instead work across the aisle with Republicans in Washington. 

Outrage from Manchin’s Fellow Democrats

Despite Manchin being a Democrat himself, members of his party are not happy with him. Leftists on Twitter are already calling for Manchin to be voted out of office; others are also claiming that his vote shouldn’t have so much power. 

Ultimately, the Democrats’ outrage against Manchin boils down to one thing: Democrats’ outrage that they will not be able to ram through legislation as GOP lawmakers are helpless to have a say in policies. This is what Democrats always intended to do with the congressional majorities and Manchin is standing in their way. 

Many conservatives, on the other hand, have applauded Manchin for not voting to take down or weaken the Senate filibuster. 

Are you surprised at the stance than Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has taken regarding the Senate filibuster? Let us know down below in the comments section. 

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