Democrats Renew Campaign to Flip Texas Blue

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For decades, the state of Texas has been viewed as a reliably red state. Texas hasn’t had a Democrat governor since the 1990s; however, as of late, Democrats have tried (and thus far failed) to flip the Lone Star State blue. 

During the 2020 presidential election, leftist Hollywood sycophants launched a campaign to turn Texas into a Democrat state; however, they failed. Texas went to Trump, not Biden, despite the amount of money that Biden’s campaign poured into winning the Lone Star State. 

Right now, there are some reports that Texas’ electric grid could fail to withstand some extremely hot weather coming up. Amid the reports of possible outages, Democrats are now calling to “turn Texas blue,” as Townhall confirms. 

The Issues with Texas’ Electric Grid

Just last week, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott tweeted out that all issues with the state’s power grid were handled. Abbott also informed that he signed into law legislation to reform the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and boost the effectiveness of the Lone Star State’s power grid. 

Although, on Monday, ERCOT released a troubling statement. In a new Conservation Alert, ERCOT urged Texans to cut back on the amount of power they use to reduce the likelihood of statewide blackouts. 

Democrats, of course, are blaming GOP leadership and deregulation for this. It’s why “Turn Texas Blue” trended on Twitter yesterday; Democrats have long wanted to make the Lone Star State a blue one. With the 2022 Texas gubernatorial election coming up, the left is more than eager to renew their efforts. 

Of course, Democrats’ decision to fault the Texas governor and deregulation for ERCOT’s warning is deeply misguided. 

The Truth About the Texas Power Grid and ERCOT

First and foremost, ERCOT’s Board of Directors and CEO are the ones responsible for ensuring that Texas’ power stays on. ERCOT is both a nonprofit and a system operator that works independently. Therefore, passing the blame for the Conservation Alert onto the Texas governor is nonsensical. 

Secondly, the Turn Texas Blue leftists are the same people in support of green energy. At this time green energy is not dependable or even completely developed. Unlike fossil fuels, green energy is not reliable in the Lone Star State; therefore, the idea that Texas should abandon fossil fuels, bring in green energy, and kick out the Republican governor doesn’t hold water. 

Nevertheless, the political left has an agenda. There is no doubt that Democrats will use the situation with the Texas power grid and ERCOT to score political points in the state’s upcoming governor’s race. 

What do you think about Democrats’ renewed work to turn Texas into a blue state dystopia? Do you think the Lone Star State’s power grid will endure? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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