Disney Movie Shows Man Buying Tampons

by admin

(ThePatriotWire)- Last week, conservative activist Christopher Rufo obtained a leaked video from an upcoming episode of “Baymax!” from Disney’s streaming service that featured a scene with a transgender man (AKA a woman who thinks she’s a man) offering advice on buying tampons.

In the ridiculous clip, the robot nurse Baymax is helping a 12-year-old girl pick out the right feminine hygiene products now that she’s started her period.

In the women’s hygiene aisle, several women offer their suggestions to the girl, telling her what products they use. Then along comes a “man” wearing a T-shirt in the colors of the transgender flag who also offers his (her) recommendation.

That’s sooooooo subtle.

Disney vowed to double down on promoting trans ideology to children after it lost its spat with Florida. So the fact that it is promoting the “even men get periods” nonsense in a TV show geared to young kids isn’t exactly surprising.

But you’d think Disney would have enough sense to try not to be so heavy-handed about it. It is supposed to be an entertainment company, not a propaganda outfit.

They’re not going to dial it back.

The trans ideology has no “off” switch and it certainly doesn’t have a “reverse.” Disney is going to continue pushing this garbage on children. And the more Americans object, the harder Disney will push.

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