Donald Trump ‘Flushes’ Yet Another Fake News Lie

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Another day, another Fake News story Former President Donald Trump is forced to refute.

Trump released a written statement to his Save America website this week in which he denies a report suggesting he is the culprit after White House staffers tasked with cleaning the presidential bathroom found a different kind of paper clogging up the system.

[source: The Washington Examiner]

Staff in the White House residence periodically found toilet pipes clogged with “clumped up wet, printed paper” they believed the president flushed down the toilet for unknown reasons, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman writes in her forthcoming book.

Haberman, who gained prominence for her coverage of Trump over the last seven years, said she did not have an exact number of how often an “engineer” would have to unclog the toilet system but said it happened “periodically.” She said the clogged papers were found in pipes likely from Trump’s personal White House bathroom. The report also said she did not know what his motivation might have been.

“What the engineer would find would be wads of clumped up wet printed paper, meaning it was not toilet paper. It was either notes or some kind of paper that they believe he had thrown down the toilet. What it could be — it could be anyone’s guess,” Haberman told CNN.

Haberman said she made the discovery while reporting for her new book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, set to be published Oct. 4. The book reportedly follows Trump’s life from his early years in New York to his time in the White House and post-presidency in Florida.

Trump has come under scrutiny for his record-keeping during his days in the White House. He was known to have stubborn paper-ripping habits that forced staff to follow his paper trail and piece key documents back together to comply with the Presidential Records Act of 1978, according to Politico.

The National Archives and Records Administration recovered about 15 boxes of documents from Trump in mid-January and reportedly asked the Justice Department to look into Trump’s handling of White House records.

Some of the documents Trump briefly kept following his tenure in the White House included letters from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and former President Barack Obama. His advisers told the outlet the mementos were not kept for nefarious reasons, and the outlet noted former President Bill Clinton had to return items to NARA following his White House exit.

Any method to paint Donald Trump as a monster is legitimate, according to Fake News propagandists — even the “conservative” ones.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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