Dr. Phil Talks Mental State of Biden and Fetterman

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen a rather frightening trend take place around the country. Basically, it’s the installment or even attempted placement of wholly unfit candidates into high-ranking government offices.

Naturally, we all know Biden is at the top of the list (more on that later). But there are others.

Take Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, for example.

If you know much about this man, it’s likely that he’s been in the lead for most of his race against GOP opponent Mehmet Oz, also known as Dr. Oz, pretty much from the start – that was until late October when he performed rather horribly in a debate against the Republican contender. It was then that his ratings dropped considerably, allowing Oz to take the lead.

Now, to be clear, if you missed the debate, it wasn’t Fetterman’s policy ideas or agenda talking points that made people second guess their loyalty to him.

Instead, as Phil McGraw, known for his TV series, “Dr. Phil,” recently pointed out, it was his lack of mental abilities that drew concern.

McGraw posed this problem to America on a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast. During the episode, McGraw noted just how incoherent Fetterman was at moments, stuttering about and showing obvious signs of “cognitive impairment.” And yet, someone is still letting him run for office.

Unlike Biden, Fetterman’s performance was not a consequence of old age or dementia. Instead, it’s known that the Democrat candidate suffered a stroke as recently as early May of this year.

As you can well imagine, such an event is rather traumatic, both for the physical body and the mind. As such, doctors recommend a quite lengthy period of recovery, in which neither strenuous physical nor mental activity is to be participated in. recovery usually also includes some sort of therapy to help maintain skills they may have lost or were affected by the stroke.

And yet, mere weeks after this stroke, Fetterman was on the road campaigning for a US Senate office.

As McGraw noted, this is simply unwise – from just a physical health point of view, if nothing else. He said that stress is one of the “worst possible” things you can introduce to both the body and brain after a stroke. And, as we all know, running for office, campaigning, and being on the road is all of that and more.

As the political left has been good at pointing out, it might be a bit courageous on Fetterman’s part to take on such a daunting task so soon after suffering a stroke. But that doesn’t make it a smart move. And based on his performance at his debate against Oz, I’d say it backfired on him spectacularly.

Besides, who wants to have a man representing us in congress who can’t form a complete sentence or can’t comprehend what is being said at the moment? No one. It simply makes him unfit for office of practically any kind, let alone one in which he is supposed to make new laws for us.

As McGraw asked, if your airplane pilot showed the same signs and symptoms of cognitive decline as Fetterman did, you wouldn’t get on the plane, would you? Of course, not. And yet, that’s exactly what the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania is asking constituents to do.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Of course, neither does having a man with similar symptoms, if for a different reason, in the White House, in the highest office in the land. In fact, it makes even less sense. Yet, again, that’s exactly what Democrats have said that we need.

No wonder there’s a red wave going on.

It’s also no wonder men like Phil McGraw are standing up about this startling and disastrous trend.

“I’m stunned that we’re running this country in so many areas where we’re violating the most fundamental psychological principles you can ever imagine, and I’m watching that happen, and I say, ‘I just can’t be silent about this anymore.’”

Men like Fetterman and even Biden might be well-meaning, wanting to do what they think is best for our country. But getting into office only half there isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all themselves.

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