Federal Unemployment Benefits Coming to a Close

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For months, Americans have gotten federal unemployment benefits, due to the COVID-19 virus. Democrats, of course, argued that these benefits were necessary to ensure the financial stability of Americans.

Even as more jobs and businesses opened their doors and set up hiring signs, leftists still rallied behind unemployment benefits. They denounced any and all claims that these benefits would also disincentivize people from working, thus hurting businesses in need of staff.

However, a new week is here and change is coming. As Washington Examiner confirms, the end of Labor Day weekend will also mark the end of federal unemployment benefits programs.

A Closer Look at the End of Federal Unemployment Benefits

News of the ending federal unemployment benefits come amid recent disappointing jobs reports. Last month, the economy added thousands of fewer jobs than expected. Moreover, hiring rates are still down from where they need to be.

With the close of federal unemployment benefits, more Americans will be motivated to seek work. This will help not only unemployed Americans, but also businesses, communities, and the economy at large. As the numbers show, handouts from big government do not, in fact, stimulate the economy.

The vast majority of states with GOP governors ended their participation in federal unemployment benefits months ago. Therefore, states with Democrat governors will be the ones absorbing the impacts from the close of unemployment benefits.

Partisan Reactions to the Ending Federal Unemployment Benefits Programs

Many Democrats and leftists have taken to social media, sounding off against the discontinuation of federal unemployment benefits after Labor Day weekend. These people are actually criticizing Joe Biden, stating that he should further extend these benefits.

It appears as though the left wants endless benefits from the government. Leftists who are screaming about federal unemployment benefits ending after this weekend have set no cap or limit for when the government should cease handing out funds.

This, however, is par for the course when it comes to today’s Democrat Party. The left has chosen to embrace socialism, big government, and handouts. They don’t appear to grasp that endless handouts from the government are not sustainable; this reality alludes them, even after the most recent jobs report.

Republicans, on the other hand, are noting that with the end of these programs, more Americans can get back to work. More businesses can also begin to hire as they’ve been trying to do for months on end now.

What do you think about federal unemployment benefits coming to a close after Labor Day weekend? Do you believe this will have positive or negative impacts on the United States as a whole? Be sure to share your thoughts about this with us in the comments section below.

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