Former 2020 Democrat Candidate Leaves the Democrat Party

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The bickering between the political right and political left is at immense highs right now. The presence of COVID has highlighted and amplified the left’s push for the aggressive control of others with the justification that it’s all for the “greater good.”

At this point, it’s very hard to foresee any real common ground to be had between the right and the left. While the left seeks to control and force others into doing what they want, the right is all about freedom, individual liberties, and largely being left alone.

Recent polling has shown that more than 50% of Trump supporters like the idea of Republican states seceding from the country altogether. Then, there are additional Americans with real concerns about division in the nation.

Some of these Americans believe the current two-party system is a failure, according to Fox News reports. This could explain why now-former Democrat Andrew Yang (who ran for president in 2020) left the Democrat Party to launch the Forward Party.

Yang’s Departure from the Democrat Party and More

In a public statement, Yang declared the current “duopoly” in the United States is a failure. The former Democrat then explained that polarization and anger between people on the left and the right continues to increase; meanwhile, no solutions are coming out of this.

Therefore, Yang believes what America needs is the Forward Party. The former 2020 candidate is of the view that the Forward Party, open congressional primaries, and some additional political changes are critical at this time.

Finally, Yang described the Forward Party as a movement and political party which prides itself on solutions and inclusivity. The premise here is that Americans should abandon notions of being staunchly left or staunchly right, but instead, embrace the idea of moving forward in unity.

Mixed Feedback on the Forward Party

To be fair, news of the Forward Party has created a mixed batch of feedback. Some people are already writing this off as silly and bound to go nowhere. Folks with this outlook also say they’ll stick with their current party.

However, there are other Americans giving the Forward Party some real consideration. These individuals believe the Forward Party could play a significant role in ending the ire, polarization, and constant bickering between the two major political parties in America.

The Forward Party already has a Twitter page and Yang is heavily promoting the organization on his personal Twitter feed. Americans who would like to learn more about the Forward Party can visit the website accordingly.

What do you think about Andrew Yang leaving the Democrat Party? Do you believe the Forward Party will gain any real traction in the United States? Let us get your predictions in the comments area below.

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