GOP Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Mandatory Vaccine Passports from Federal Agencies

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Amid rising talks of vaccine passport programs, there is a push to stop these tools from becoming mandatory or forced upon the American public.

The Biden administration, on one token, claims that it doesn’t support a federal vaccine passport system and will not issue a federal requirement for Americans to carry vaccine papers or passports; however, the Biden administration is also working with private sectors who aim to develop vaccine passport programs. 

“traveling to US with vaccine passport an” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Multiple GOP governors have already prohibited vaccine passports in their states. Democrat governors, on the other hand, are embracing vaccine passports left and right. 

This week, GOP Rep. Andy Biggs proposed legislation to bar federal agencies from mandating coronavirus vaccine passports, according to Washington Examiner

Protecting the American Public from Government Overreach 

The bill introduced by Rep. Biggs on Thursday would shield the American public from significant government overreach.

If successful, the legislation would mean that federal authorities cannot grant certification of an American’s coronavirus immunization status to any entity. Moreover, the Republican lawmaker’s bill would block federal agencies from requiring proof of COVID-19 immunization as a requirement for service or entry into federal/congressional properties. 

In a statement, Rep. Biggs also tore into the Biden administration. The Republican lawmaker admonished the current White House for even considering the prospect of vaccine passport programs. Biggs additionally pointed out that each American citizen has a right to the privacy or his or her own health information. 

Finally, Rep. Biggs warned that the only thing to come from vaccine passports is “big Brother surveillance” of the public. 

Support for Rep. Biggs’ Legislation

At this time, there are 18 lawmakers co-sponsoring the legislation of the Arizona Republican representative. Many House Freedom Caucus members are also supportive of the legislation that would stop vaccine passports from being used and enforced in a free, U.S. society. 

Unfortunately, though, the House of Representatives remains narrowly controlled by the Democrat Party. This means a tough battle ahead; however, should Republicans take back the House, Rep. Biggs will have a much easier time moving forward with his legislation then rather than now. 

However, conservatives are rapidly coming out against vaccine passports in full force. 

What do you think about the legislation against mandatory vaccine passports? Do you think Rep. Biggs’ legislation will advance in the House of Representatives as it currently stands? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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