GOP Moderates Seek Compromise with Biden on Spending Package

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Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion dollar spending package is a tall order. While the package is branded as a form of COVID-19 relief, it contains a series of measures with absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus or getting the American people back to work.

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Moderate Republicans in Congress are looking to meet the 46th president in the middle. However, in order for this to happen, Biden has to be willing to hear out and work with Republicans.

In spite of the 46th president talking about unity, his actions don’t align with his words; just last week, the Democrat refused to meet with Republican lawmakers who share concerns about his energy-related policies.

However, in light of Biden’s $1.9 trillion dollar spending package, ten GOP moderate senators are seeking a meeting with the 46th president, Newsmax confirms.

A Requested Meeting with the 46th President

The ten Senate Republicans signed onto a joint letter to Biden. In this letter, the moderates note their interest in bipartisan support for the spending package, hence their interest in a meeting on compromise.

Republicans in the Senate would like to see financial assistance distributed in a more targeted manner; however, moderate GOP senators did commend the elements of Biden’s package that include more COVID-19 testing, assistance for childcare centers/schools, and additional funds for coronavirus vaccines.

Another Chance for Bipartisanship

Biden has already chosen to reject one meeting request from Republicans. His response to the ten GOP moderates will speak volumes about his seriousness of working across the aisle with conservative lawmakers in Washington.

In the 46th president’s inaugural speech, he lamented the “uncivil war” that pits “red versus blue.”

The past 11 days of Biden’s White House term, however, have only furthered the “uncivil war” he professes to oppose; refusing a meeting with Republican senators, putting thousands of Americans out of work with the stroke of a pen, etc., none of that is healing or good for the nation. It certainly doesn’t bring Republicans and Democrats together.

Democrats in Congress, meanwhile, aren’t even pretending that they care about bipartisanship or working with their Republican colleagues. This next week of Biden’s presidency will hence be very telling indeed.

Do you think the 46th president will agree to meet with moderate Republicans regarding a compromise on his spending package? Be sure to let us know what you predict will happen this week in the comments section below.

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