GOP Pushes Back Against Mask Rules for House Members

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Days ago, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed its guidance on mask-wearing. The CDC explained that vaccinated individuals are free to take off their face masks in the vast majority of indoor settings. 

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Democrats, who have screamed all along about the importance of following the science, are resisting the gradual phasing out of face coverings. In fact, some leftist supporters have openly stated that they’re wearing masks just so others don’t mistake them for Republicans and conservatives; in the same breath, though, Democrats also claim that masks are not at all for the purposes of theater. 

Despite the updated CDC guidelines, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still keeping in place the mask mandate for House members. As such, Leader Kevin McCarthy and other House Republicans are working to change this, as Newsmax confirms. 

Unmasking the House of Representatives

Leader McCarthy along with GOP House physicians are aiming to have the congressional body abide by CDC guidelines on face coverings; this means that vaccinated House members will no longer be required to mask up. 

Since Speaker Pelosi is firmly against altering the current order on masks in the House, McCarthy and House GOP doctors are pushing for a very specific resolution. This resolution would mandate a vote on whether or not the House of Representatives should abide by current CDC guidelines regarding face coverings. 

Pelosi, for her part, is claiming that a greater number of Republicans in the House of Representatives need to get immunized against COVID-19. She has not, however, explained her unwillingness to alter her mask order in accordance with new CDC guidelines. 

Taking a Stance Against Mandatory Masking

Like many other Americans, House Republicans are getting tired of wearing face masks. On Tuesday evening, House GOP members pushed back against mask orders by choosing not to wear them and taking selfies accordingly. 

Rep. Brian Mast, for instance, told his colleagues that he’s through with wearing face coverings. The Florida representative stated that even if he incurs fines as a result of not wearing a mask, he’s still not going to wear them any longer. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia is another critic of Pelosi’s mask mandate. The Georgia representative maintains that masks are oppressive and a form of tyranny. Rep. Greene also stated that Speaker Pelosi does not have the right to require congressemembers to take a vaccine or submit proof of vaccination. 

What do you think about House Republicans looking to update congressional mask rules in accordance to CDC guidelines? Why do you think Speaker Nancy Pelosi is resisting this? Sound off with your views, feedback, and speculations down below in the comments section. 

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