GOP Wins High Marks in Poll on U.S. Security, Prosperity

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At this time in America, the Democrat Party is in control of the federal government. With Democrats in power, the public is getting a very clear look at what leftist leadership entails.

To say it’s not a very pretty picture is a massive understatement. Democrats care more about disarming law-abiding gun owners than they care about Biden arming the Taliban by leaving our military weaponry to the Taliban’s devices.

Then, there’s the border crisis, the rising gas prices and other elements of inflation, the Marxist attacks on kids’ education in schools, and more. In short, America is facing a nightmare with the Democrat Party running things.

Because of all these details and more, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Republicans are now getting high polling marks on matters of U.S. security and prosperity, per Breitbart News.

Reviewing the Latest Gallup Poll

The latest poll from Gallup shows that 54% of Americans believe the Republican Party is better equipped to shield America from threats to our military and international terrorism. By contrast, only 39% declared the Democrat Party was in a better position to take on these challenges.

Likewise, 50% of the nation also views the Republican Party as best positioned to ensure the prosperity of America. Merely, 41% stated the Democrat Party is best equipped to make this happen.

Over the past year, confidence in the GOP has surged; meanwhile, confidence in the Democrat Party is declining. There’s no doubt that the events to ensue since Biden got into office are a factor in the details from this latest Gallup poll.

Despite all the noise from the Democrat Party, most people can see the left is not in the best place to do what is needed for the good of the country. This poll is also very good news for the Republican Party as midterm elections get closer.

Keeping America Safe

It is important to keep America safe. It’s important for the nation to not be vulnerable to attacks because of the decisions made by a feckless, incompetent president and federal government.

Right now, Biden has empowered terrorists in Afghanistan; meanwhile, with the open border fiasco happening, the president is leaving our country vulnerable to being attacked. Everyone in the world knows there’s no real structure or management at the U.S.-Mexico border.

At the same time all this is happening, Biden wants to make it tougher for lawful Americans to own firearms. Just months ago, the president rammed through various gun control measures via executive order; however, GOP governors stepped in and blocked these orders from being enforced in their states.

Do you believe Republicans or Democrats are best equipped to maintain the prosperity and safety of the United States? Let us know your views below in the comments area.

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