Graham to meet Trump to Speak future of GOP

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Sen. Lindsey Graham said he will be meeting with former President Donald Trump at the coming weeks to discuss the future of the Republican Party.

The South Carolina Republican told reporters Friday evening he intends to inspire Trump to use Republicans to make sure that they return the House and the Senate at 2022.

“I will attempt to convince ourselves that people can not get there without you, however you can not maintain the Trump movement heading without the GOP united,” Graham explained. “If we return in 2022, afterward, it is an affirmation of your coverages. However, when we shed in 2022, the storyline will last not just you dropped the White House, but the Republican Party is at a bad place.”

Graham has remained in touch with the prior president, and talked to him Friday morning before his defense attorneys’ presentation.

Party leaders and rank-and-file members have been grappling with just how much sway the former president ought to possess.

Trump has made it crystal clear he intends to stay active in Republican politics. He is threatened to chief Republicans who do not stand together with him, such as Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.), also is mulling a possible run for president in 2024.

“Trump’s must use everyone,” Graham explained. “You have to put your very best team on the field. When it’s about revenge and going after individuals you do not like, we are going to have a difficulty. If that is all about putting your very best team on the field, we have got a good chance of coming back”

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