Here We Go Again: Liberals Push Chemical Warfare Rhetoric

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You know the situation has gone from bad to worse when top members of the Biden administration begin to echo foreign policy propaganda from two administrations ago.

During the Obama years, military conflict in the Middle East increased to an unprecedented level despite Barack’s supposed anti-war stance. He was elected as a peaceful liberal, the ostensible opposite of his predecessor George W. Bush, who irresponsibly led the United States into a 20-year war.

Obama called on Hillary Clinton to run his State Department and almost immediately we began to hear the war cries. Hillary’s State Department and the National Security apparatus that surrounded her constantly repeated anti-Syrian and anti-Russian propaganda, setting the stage for what was later unprecedented drone strikes and forced regime changes on Middle East nations.

Libya, Syria, and Iran — all backed by Russia — all given the Hillary Clinton (and the Jake Sullivan) treatment before eventually succumbing to horrific war crimes at the hands of the Obama-Biden administration.

And now it’s all happening again.

On Sunday, Biden administration National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss several issues relating to Russia’s ongoing invasion on Ukraine.

Sullivan was first prompted to discuss allegations of chemical weapons use by Russia.

Ring a bell? Remember when they invented that fabrication about Syria’s president to justify ordering more drone strikes?

“There are reports of white phosphorus being used in Ukraine, reports of chlorine gas,” the interviewer said said. “How imminent is a chemical weapons attack in Ukraine?”

Sullivan said that while he cannot make an exact prediction, the “escalating level of rhetoric” from Russia seeming to claim that the U.S. or Ukraine are poised to deploy chemical weapons is a sign that Russia “getting ready to do it and try and pin the blame elsewhere.”

He then reiterated what President Biden said on Friday, that if Russia uses chemical weapons, “they will pay a severe price.”

Sullivan added that Russia’s alleged consideration of escalation comes, in part, as a result of what the United States and allies have done in terms of aid to Ukraine.


Aiding Ukraine seems like a perfectly justifiable reason to plunge the United States into a full-scale war with Russia that relies less on boots-to-the-ground battle and more on biological and cyber attacks.

Anything for NATO!

Author: Monica Hedren

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