Hot Mic Catches Dr. Fauci’s True Feelings About Republican Enemies

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They say the man who loses his cool first, loses the entire fight.

Such was the case on Tuesday during maybe the most intense Senate Committee hearing to date.

Fauci took an absolute beating from several Republican lawmakers, but most notably Kentucky Republican Rand Paul and Sen. Roger Marshall eviscerated “America’s Favorite Doctor.”

A hot mic caught Dr. Anthony Fauci calling Sen. Roger Marshall a “moron” after a heated Senate Health Committee hearing in which Marshall pressed Fauci about his financial disclosures.

While questioning Fauci about his finances, Marshall brought a blown-up check to the hearing made out to Fauci for $434,312, roughly the amount of his annual federal salary. Fauci is reportedly the highest-paid employee in the entire U.S. federal government.

Marshall’s line of questioning visibly irritated Fauci. “I don’t understand why you’re asking me that question,” Fauci said. He then explained that his financial disclosures are made public.

In a back and forth exchange, Marshall accused “big tech giants” of hiding Fauci’s finances from the public, and Fauci repeatedly called the senator “misinformed.” Marshall explained that his office could not locate Fauci’s financial disclosures online.

At the end of the exchange, a hot mic caught Fauci saying, “What a moron. Jesus Christ.”

Marshall responded to Fauci’s remarks on Twitter.

Fauci has been enabled to lie, swindle, and essentially murder the American population for years now, but it wasn’t until the China Virus pandemic have we been privy enough to witness the true evils behind the so-called “science community” who ostensibly innovate and discover newest medical breakthroughs.

From brutal animal testing to the horrific experiments done on the American population, Dr. Fauci and the propaganda machines that support him are responsible for arguably the greatest crimes against humanity not seen since the second World War.

Just recently it was discovered through a series of emails that Fauci was well aware of the concerns from his colleagues that COVID-19 leaked from the same lab funded exclusively by NIH grants.

He buried their concerns to intentionally conceal any involvement with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and proceeded as if this virus truly came from bats.

The results of Fauci’s obfuscations are clear to see: the global economy is shifting toward a corporatist takeover, governments across the globe are centralizing and concentrating, the American people are struggling to pay for everyday necessities by the federal government’s design, and forced medical treatments are now the norm.

Dr. Anthony Fauci must be stopped.

Author: Asa McCue

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