Hypocrite AOC Takes Full Advantage Of Free, Open GOP State

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The illustrious AOC seems to have forgotten her past condemnations of states like Florida and Texas for the response to the COVID scamdemic.

The openly socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to have brushed off critics of her New Year’s escape to Florida as her home state undergoes a surge in coronavirus cases by allegedly partying maskless at a drag bar in Miami.

On Sunday, videos began to appear on social media showing the maskless congresswoman being welcomed onto the stage at a densely packed drag queen bar as she waved and smiled at cheering fans.

AOC’s appearance at the drag queen bar comes several days after National Review revealed photos of the congresswoman relaxing maskless at a restaurant in Miami Beach alongside her boyfriend. Her trip to the free state of Florida occurred just as New York was experiencing a surge in omicron cases.

New York smashed its single-day COVID case record for the second straight day Thursday, reporting at least 74,207 new positives as the omicron surge stretches hospitals further.

In response to the criticism, particularly of her boyfriend’s appearance, the congresswoman accused Republicans of having a sexual obsession with her.


In what could arguably be the most juvenile response to criticism, AOC proves once again that she is by no means a serious person, let alone politician, as she ascends through party ranks and asserts herself as a tastemaker within the Democrat Party.

Not only is AOC hyper critical of ALL white people, she fails to see the hypocrisy in having a public relationship with possibly the whitest looking man ever.

Critics of the New York communist blasted her for suggesting that Republican attacks on her result from sexual frustration.

As long as this vile creature is allowed any influence in national politics, American democracy will be doomed.

There’s simply no combatting an elected official who so clearly speaks the language of young voters and so gladly brainwashes them into sliding further and further to the left.

She must be stopped; the people of New York have to take a stand against her brand of insidious socialism, which threatens to change the American way as we know it.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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