Independents and Democrats Increasingly Unhappy with Biden: Poll

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The Biden administration has done its best to downplay the backlash the president is facing. Inflation is a key issue many voters are concerned about; however, the president and his administration are now declaring inflation is nothing more than a “transitory” step towards a better economy.

Another narrative of the Biden administration is that only hardcore rightists are frustrated with what’s going on in America these days. Earlier this year, the Biden administration made wild, false declarations about bipartisan support for its agenda.

As it turns out, the only bipartisanship engendered by the Biden administration is bipartisan opposition against this agenda. Now, it’s very clear that the vast majority of Republicans aren’t very pleased with Biden.

However, Newsmax has drawn attention to a new poll which shows Democrats and Independents are also increasingly unhappy with Biden.

Bad News for the Biden Administration

According to a poll held by Washington Post and ABC News, 53% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance, leaving only 41% who approve. The poll also revealed that if the midterm elections were held on this very day, 51% of voters would favor having Congress controlled by Republicans.

At this time, 45% of Independent voters have strong disapproval of the job Biden’s done thus far. In June, only 3% of Democrats disapproved of Biden’s job performance; however, now 16% of Democrats have confessed their disapproval of the president.

Inflation, the economy, and an overall lack of accomplishments are additional areas where voters are not too pleased with the president. This latest bout of bad news follows previous polls that have gotten progressively worse for the president.

These polls indicate that the nation is not largely supportive of where the Biden administration is taking the country. Moreover, it speaks volumes that since June, there has been a five-time increase in the amount of Democrats who disapprove of the job their own president is doing.

Media Beginning to Throw Biden Overboard?

For all intents and purposes, Biden is becoming a liability for the Democrat Party. His low approval ratings in Virginia played a role in Democrat Terry McAuliffe losing the state’s gubernatorial election.

Now, it’s no secret the mainstream media has a tendency to spin things and stories in favor of Democrat elected officials. However, even leftist media channels like CNBC, CNN, etc., are beginning to cover the dismal polls of this president.

Biden is doing such a terrible job that even his own acolytes in the media are forced to admit it. Truth be told, there are only so many different ways you can spin things. At some point, there becomes no real way to spin the reality that Biden is failing badly as president and most Americans do not approve.

What do you think about Independents and Democrats turning on Biden? We’re eager to read your thoughts in the comments area below.

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