Inflation Still a Thorn in Biden’s Presidency

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Biden cannot escape the thorn in his presidency that is inflation. This is a mess that Biden created by handing out stimulus checks willy nilly, spending like there’s no tomorrow, and thereby decreasing the spending power of the U.S. dollar. Biden did this willingly and of his own volition; now, there are consequences.

The White House has been doing everything it can to downplay inflation in America. They’re trying to explain away the rising costs of goods and services; they’re also refusing to acknowledge that Biden’s policies have caused Americans to pay more money and therefore have fewer resources.

Breitbart News confirms that Americans have not forgotten about inflation at all. As a matter of fact, older individuals have a more bleak outlook on what inflation is going to entail than their younger counterparts.

The President of Inflation

Right now, Americans who are 59 years old and up believe that inflation will ultimately reach a level of 5.9% over the next 12 month. Meanwhile, Americans between 40 and 59 project inflation getting to 4.5%; finally, those who are 40 years old and below predict an inflation rate of 4%.

While the projected inflation percentages vary across different age groups, Americans widely acknowledge the reality that prices are going to keep rising, thanks to President Biden. Areas like the housing market, rent, gas, healthcare, food, etc., are all projected to go up.

These are essential for Americans. Amid news of inflation, recent polling has shown that Independent voters are growing more annoyed with President Biden. Interestingly enough, Biden’s handling of the economy is what’s alienating Independents the most.

There is no denying that both Biden and his administration will continue to undermine and downplay inflation in America. However, if recent data and polls are any indication, Americans won’t be forgetting about the economic crisis created by Biden anytime soon.

A Preventable Crisis

One of the most unfortunate things about the present inflation crisis is that it could have been prevented. Long before inflation reached its current point, Republicans warned that this would happen.

The GOP repeatedly sounded the alarm against all this spending; right-wing lawmakers warned that endless stimulus checks and spending packages would not have positive impacts on the economy. However, Biden and Democrats chose to ignore these warnings.

Now, Americans are the ones left paying the price….literally. Inflation has the worst impacts on individuals who are most vulnerable to it. Ironically, this entails individuals with fewer financial resources and less of an ability to withstand the storms of higher prices.

So much for Biden’s promises not to tax middle and lower income Americans. Inflation, as conservatives have noted so many times, is a tax on everyone.

What do you think about President Biden’s inflation crisis? Sound off below in the comments section.

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