Joe Biden Is The Least Popular President In Modern American History: Poll

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It goes without saying at this point that an overwhelming majority of Americans are utterly disappointed in Joe Biden as he steers the United States down a road of total destruction.

His inability to lead has catapulted the nation into endless tragedy; a looming black cloud relentlessly rains down dread and despair on us all.

Quality of life has tanked, everything is more expensive and less efficient, and the country is more divided than ever along strident political lines.

Joe Biden’s approval rating reflects America’s bubbling rage at the man who stole Donald Trump’s reelection.

Wednesday marked the 490th day of Joe Biden’s presidency. His approval rating at this point is lower than all of the modern-day presidents that came before him.

Congrats, Joe! You did it!

Citing approval polling dating back to Harry S. Truman in 1945, FiveThirtyEight said that no president has been below, or even equal to, Biden’s average of 40.9% on Day 490 of their presidency.

Don’t get us wrong, other Presidents have had lower average approval ratings at different points of their tenure, but it’s Joe Biden who takes the 490-day cake. For example, Former Presidents Trump, Clinton, and Ford had lower approval ratings at earlier stages in their presidency, far before the 490-day mark.

Also today, Reuters pollster Ipsos pegged Biden’s approval rating at just 36%, his worst yet.


Likely driving voters away from Biden is his inaction on inflation, high gas prices, and the crashing stock market.

Ipsos said, for example, that a massive 70% believe the country is on the wrong track.


“Seven in 10 (70%) Americans believe things in this country are off on the wrong track, while only one-fifth (20%) of Americans believe they are headed in the right direction. This represents a six-point drop from two weeks ago when 26% of Americans thought they were headed in the right direction. The overwhelming majority of Republicans (90%) and independents (70%) believe things are off on the wrong track, a sentiment that nearly half of Democrats (49%) agree with,” said the pollster.

Of course, it is just one day in a long four years, but Biden has been on a steady fall since about the halfway mark of his presidency to date. The Ipsos data showed that Biden’s disapproval rating today of 59% is nearly equal to his initial 60% approval when he first entered office.


Here’s a list of Presidents and their approval numbers on day 490:

  • Donald Trump 42.7%
  • Barack Obama 48%
  • George W. Bush 72%
  • Bill Clinton 50.9%
  • George H.W. Bush 65%
  • Ronald Reagan 45%
  • Jimmy Carter 43.1%
  • Gerald Ford 44.2%
  • Richard Nixon 57.1%
  • Lyndon B. Johnson 68.7%
  • John F. Kennedy 74%
  • Dwight Eisenhower 61.3%
  • Harry S. Truman 43.1%

Based on these numbers, it’s totally plausible that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

HAHA! Yeah right.

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