Judas: Former Trump Officials Commit Ultimate Betrayal

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What did Trump ever do to these people? One day they’re happy to work for America’s greatest president and seemingly out nowhere turn on him in an instant.

This group of desperate hangers-on are so hungry for status within the upper echelons of D.C. politics they will do or say whatever it takes to get there.

Book deals, seats on key committees, public office — betraying Trump is a means to end for these losers.

On Monday, a group of former Trump officials met to concoct a plan to impede Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential return.

The group was apparently only able to agree on two items: the difficulty of successfully plotting opposition to the former president, and the group’s dilemma of making up for lost time.

Those in attendance on the secretive phone call were reportedly former White House staffers who served at the pleasure of Trump but likely found more harmony with the bureaucratic state, the unofficial fourth branch of government:

  • Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly
  • Former Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin
  • Former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci
  • Former Homeland Security and counterterrorism adviser to Vice President Pence Olivia Troye
  • Former Department of Homeland Security official Elizabeth Neumann
  • Former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Chris Krebs
  • Former National Security Advisor John Bolton
  • Former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor
  • Taylor, who wrote an op-ed and book critical of the Trump White House as “Anonymous,” reportedly led the call and leaked to CNN the group was “overflowing with ideas” on how to restrain the former president

Trump has not shied away from engaging the political sphere since Joe Biden assumed office last year.

Trump has handed out numerous congressional endorsements, mounted a campaign to oust Sen. Mitch McConnell from his leadership position in the Senate, held MAGA rallies, and given interviews to both conservative news and establishment media, even though the establishment media has consistently tried to destroy him.

Trump is also raising money through his “Save America PAC.” According to the Federal Election Commission, Trump raised $62,074,874.64 from January 2021 to June 2021.

Trump has not announced a 2024 presidential bid but did hint at a potential run during Saturday’s Arizona rally.

With the amount of opposition Trump has faced since day one, it’s surprising the man is even standing.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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