Kamala Harris’ Failure on the Southern Border

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At this very moment, the United States Southern border is in shambles. This is due to President Biden essentially opening up the border by slashing the immigration policies set in place by former President Trump. Another significant factor in the perilous state of the U.S.-Mexico border deals with Vice President Kamala Harris’ inaction. 

Over three months ago, Harris was designated as the lead individual to fix the border crisis. To this very day, the vice president’s made virtually no headway; last month, Harris visited the border after weeks and weeks of conservatives urging her to do so. Yet, even when the vice president finally found the time to see the border, she purposefully avoided the hardest-hit areas. 

Now, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that Harris’ failure on the Southern border isn’t sitting well with many Americans, per Breitbart News

The Public on Harris’ Management of the Border

At this point, the White House is working harder than ever to downplay the extent of Harris’ failure to fix the Southern border; however, Rasmussen Reports’ latest survey shows that more and more Americans are seeing through the lies. 

Per Rasmussen Reports, just 33% of voters believe the vice president’s done well on the border; by contrast, 48% believe that “poor” is the best description for Harris’ work on the Southern border thus far. Additionally, more than six in ten Americans understand that the U.S.-Mexico border is in crisis. 

There’s more, though. 49% of voters told Rasmussen Reports that Biden’s immigration reforms are worse than the ones Trump had in place. Meanwhile, just 35% claimed that Trump’s immigration policies are worse than the ones Biden has in place now. 

Furthermore, certain segments of Biden’s base and the Democrat Party are urging the president to take even more steps towards open borders. One example entails the proposed removal of the Title 42 barrier at the Southern border.

Right now, the disconnect between the Biden administration and the American public is about as obvious as it gets. 

Nothing from the Vice President

At this point, Vice President Harris appears bound and determined to avoid mention of the Southern border.

With months past becoming the point person, Harris hasn’t even put out a plan on how to get the present crisis in check; therefore, Republican governors are having to come together and do the job that the vice president was tasked to cover. 

The border crisis comes on top of growing inflation, surging crime, and police officers quitting nationwide. These, too, are matters that Harris has declined to publicly speak about. 

Do you approve or disapprove of the job that Vice President Harris has done on the Southern border so far? Let us know your hot take below in the comments area.

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