Kamala Harris Loses Her Communications Director

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Over the past week, reports and stories about trouble for Vice President Kamala Harris in the White House have continued to amp up. During last weekend, CNN put out a report, alleging tension, mistrust, and even mistreatment of the vice president.

Next, after CNN’s reports, came allegations of the White House looking into having Congress confirm a new vice president to take Harris’ place. Quite frankly, it’s been one thing after the other; it’s almost as if the CNN report was opening up Pandora’s box in some regard.

That’s not all, though. On Thursday, the nation learned the communications director to the vice president turned in her resignation papers, as Fox News reports.

Reviewing the Exit of Harris’ Communications Director

Ashley Etienne’s resignation as the vice president’s communications director arrived on Thursday. However, she won’t officially leave her post until December arrives.

Etienne’s time as an aide to various Democrats dates back years. She previously served as the communications director to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Likewise, Etienne worked for the Obama administration as well.

In an official statement, the Biden administration did not provide much insight into the real reason behind Etienne’s departure. They simply stated the vice president’s communications director is stepped down from her post in order to seek additional opportunities.

It’s very clear to anyone that the White House is trying to remain as tight-lipped as possible about all this. Let’s also remember that Etienne’s exit from Harris’ team comes amid reports of the White House allegedly trying to replace the vice president.

Where is Harris in All of This?

On Thursday, the vice president also sat down for a virtual interview with Good Morning America. During this interview, the vice president was naturally asked about whether she feels the White House isn’t treating her fairly, in light of CNN’s bombshell story over the weekend.

Harris laughed this off, declaring this is not at all her experience working in the Biden administration. The vice president stated this week was a good one, with the president having signed his controversial infrastructure bill into law.

During additional statements on Good Morning America, Harris likewise claimed the Biden administration has a lot of work to get done and they’re determined to get it done as a team.

This latest interview from the vice president comes as a clear attempt to perform damage control for the sake of her image. The negative CNN story and resignation of the vice president’s communications director also comes amid a 28% approval rating for Harris.

Do you think there’s more happening in the White House than the vice president and Biden administration are letting on? Please share your opinions about this latest news with us in the comments area.

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