Keystone Pipeline Shutdown to Haunt Democrats in 2022 Midterms

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Republicans are not waiting to prepare for the midterm elections in 2022. Reports indicate that the GOP will be using Biden’s lax attitude towards China and the attitudes of his pro-China cabinet members, among other things, against Democrats.

Right now, the Democrat Party has very narrow majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Should the Republican Party regain majority control in either chamber, this will mean a major gamechanger. Democrats will no longer have the blank check to ram through as many policies as they like without support from Republicans.

“Jefferson County Republican Party” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

During the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans will be campaigning on Biden shutting down the permit for Keystone Pipeline; this is a measure that a lot of Democrats supported and will hence have to answer for next year, confirms Washington Examiner.

Job Loss Under the Democrats

The Keystone Pipeline provided jobs for countless Americans and allowed countless businesses to flourish. Areas like South Dakota, Arkansas, etc., have been negatively affected by Biden’s decision to nix the permit on his very first day in the Oval Office.

Republicans have reached out to the current president and asked him to restore the Keystone XL pipeline so that Americans can get back to work. The Democrat president is refusing to do this, hence creating a situation that the GOP will remind voters of during the midterm elections.

A chairman for the National Republican Congressional Committee also warned that Democrats in Congress will pay the price for policies that harm energy independence and kill jobs.

The Need for Jobs and Energy Independence

Biden’s decision to shut down Keystone Pipeline is part of his work to acquiesce to radical environmentalists. If the Democrat president was paying attention, though, he’d understand that the pipeline allowed for the safe transport of necessary resources.

Support for the pipeline is not entirely partisan either. Republicans and even a couple of Democrats have contacted Biden on behalf of restoring Keystone XL; others have suggested that Biden could simply make certain modifications to the pipeline rather than shutting it down altogether.

Nevertheless, however, the current president is more interested in getting the thumbs up from the radical handlers behind his policies. Sadly, hardworking, blue-collar Americans are the casualties of these decisions.

Do you think Biden’s energy policies will adversely impact the Democrat Party in the 2022 midterm elections? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.

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