Keystone XL Businesses, Workers Shred Biden for Hypocrisy

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Keystone XL pipeline played a significant role in American energy independence. The transportation of oil is not only vital to the nation, but the pipeline also created jobs and livelihoods for so many Americans across the country. 

When President Biden came into office, he struck down Keystone pipeline via executive action. Despite the harm caused by this and despite the bipartisan calls for Biden to restore the pipeline, this president refused. 

“Joe Biden at McKinley Elementary School” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Thanks to Biden’s removal of Keystone pipeline earlier this year, America is suffering from gas shortages; these shortages were engendered by a Colonial pipeline cyberattack, yet enabled by Biden’s reckless judgment on Keystone XL pipeline. 

In the wake of all this, Keystone businesses and workers are now shredding the 46th president for his flagrant hypocrisy, confirms Washington Examiner

The Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone pipeline came with a litany of benefits. Just some of these benefits included a safer and more efficient transportation of oil, job creation for workers, and funding for communities. Following the cyberattack carried out by hackers against Colonial pipeline, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has stated that pipelines are essential for moving oil through the nation. 

The businesses and workers tied to Keystone XL pipeline have known this for quite some time. This is why these businesses and workers were so upset when Biden cancelled Keystone pipeline. They’ve since called out Biden for destroying the nation with his bad policies and failing to uphold energy independence. 

Amid Secretary Granholm’s admission that pipelines are necessary for oil transfer, Biden is still not planning to restore Keystone XL pipeline; instead, this president aims to give a Russia-based pipeline the opportunity to proceed. In doing so, Biden is increasing America’s reliance on foreign countries while turning down the opportunity to restore key jobs here in the U.S. 

No Answers or Accountability 

Neither the energy secretary nor the president are answering for their botched decisions regarding Keystone XL pipeline.

Secretary Granholm was one of the loudest advocates of doing away with Keystone pipeline; yet, she’s suddenly just now coming to the revelation that pipelines are necessary to transfer oil in the United States. 

Biden and his administration are dodging accountability; however, one of the first steps to holding this administration accountable comes in 2022. By Republicans winning back the House of Representatives and/or the Senate, checks and balances shall be restored to the federal government at last. 

Then, in 2024, Republicans can hold the Biden administration accountable by voting him out of office and electing a strong, principled conservative to lead the country. 

What do you think about the Biden administration’s hypocrisy on pipelines and energy independence? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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