Laughable: Globalist Health Director Claims Pandemic ‘Certainly Not Over’

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One must ask themselves why the Biden administration insists on following the dictates of a “former” Communist globalist health director who’s hellbent on perpetuating the China Virus pandemic.

Could it be that Democrats wish to remain close to every globalist organization, whether that be the World Health Organization, United Nations, European Union, or NATO, as a means to seamlessly transition the U.S. economy into a corporate,  top-down, mechanism to distribute wealth?

Why did it take Donald Trump to expose the crimes of the organizations?

Regardless of the reasons, the United States heralds the opinions of the WHO, whose director just said the pandemic was ‘certainly not over’ despite holding no degree in medicine or virology.

Over the weekend, Ghebreyesus appeared at a WHO briefing where he declared the virus is still a problem event though COVID-19 numbers across the board are on the decline.

It’s almost as if the entire world, Americans specifically, would like to move on from the phony pandemic and hopefully begin repairing the damage done from 2+ years of Democrat lockdowns, federal spending, and tyrannical medical abuse.

The “declining testing and sequencing means we are blinding ourselves to the evolution of the virus,” Tedros told officials gathering in Geneva.

The WHO chief emphasized that COVID-19 is “most certainly not over” and noted that almost 1 billion people in lower-income countries have yet to receive the vaccine.

Tedros specifically noted that COVID-19 deaths in Africa, where vaccination numbers are low, have risen significantly in recent weeks. While vaccine numbers continue to rise, there is an “insufficient political commitment to roll out vaccines” in some countries, while others are experiencing gaps in “operational or financial capacity.”

Ah, yes. It is the responsibility of America and other western nations to provide an entire continent with medical treatment and, until we do, the world will be stuck in pandemic purgatory until communists like Ghebreyesus give us the OK to resume normal life.

Makes sense!

“In all, we see vaccine hesitancy driven by misinformation and disinformation,” Tedros concluded. “The pandemic will not magically disappear, but we can end it.”

There it is! The misinformation and disinformation talking points made their way to the WHO!

Lest we forget, this man is a former member of Ethiopia’s Leninist-Marxist Party where he served as the medical director despite not being a doctor.

Tucker Carlson exposed Ghebreyesus during a segment on his Fox News program.


Perhaps the United States should not take medical advice from the communist leader of a European globalist health organization?

Author: Nolan Sheridan


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