Lesbians Say They’re Pressured Into Sex With Trans Women

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(PresidentialWire.com)- A recent study by a lesbian group called “Get the L Out” found that 56 percent of lesbian respondents said they were “pressured or coerced” into having sex with transgender women – namely biological males who “identify” as women but have man-parts.

This point of contention over whether sexual preference amounts to “transphobia” has been a sore spot between some feminists and the “transgender community” for years.

This week, the BBC published an article that cited this “Get the L Out” report and it caused quite a stir on social media. The article includes interviews with lesbians who said they’ve received death threats, verbal abuse, and even threats of rape for committing the crime of not wanting to sleep with “trans women.”

The BBC interviewed one lesbian who, after pressure, went out with a “trans” woman, and, upon seeing “her” male genitalia, refused to have sex with “her.” So the “trans” biological male raped her.

Another lesbian who was interviewed in the report got to the heart of the matter, explaining that she isn’t attracted to the male body. Yes, well, that would explain why she’s a lesbian.

But for the bullies in the “trans community,” not being attracted to male bodies is “discrimination” and “transphobia.”

The “trans” bullies have even given these gals a derogatory name: TERF. That’s “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” for those who don’t know.

Some lesbians on social media welcomed the BBC report, arguing that the broader LGBTQ movement no longer represents the interests of the “L” part.

Not everyone was happy about the BBC article, though. “Trans” activists were furious that the BBC would dare to allow these TERFs to have a platform. As we learned from Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix comedy special, whenever there is anything less than 100% positive support for the trans movement, those trans people get mighty snippy.

And to them, having a “genital preference” in dating is “transphobic discrimination.”

Good grief.

The BBC quoted the president of Stonewall UK, Nancy Kelley, who told the outlet that if people write off “entire groups” – like fat people or disabled or black or trans – they need to consider how “societal prejudices” have shaped their attractions.

But by Nancy Kelley’s thinking, lesbians can’t exist since the point of being a lesbian is being attracted only to women.

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