Many Speculate that Biden is Preparing Harris for the Presidency

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Since Biden’s rise to the presidency, there have been several instances and situations indicating that Vice President Kamala Harris is either calling the shots or will be calling the shots very soon.

On multiple occasions now, Harris has phoned world leaders or met with them virtually on behalf of President Biden. The 46th president is also apparently hiding from the nation, seeing as he has yet to hold even one press conference after more than seven weeks in office.

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Yesterday, Biden, once again, implied to the nation that Harris is running the shots. Americans witnessed this implication when Biden referred to his vice president as “President Harris.” Now, Washington Examiner is reporting that Harris is being groomed as a chief surrogate for the 46th president.

A Closer Look at the Biden-Harris Relationship

Today, President Biden is traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with Asian-American families in the wake of this week’s shootings in the Peach State. During the 46th president’s time in Georgia today, Harris will accompany him and also be a participant in the meetings.

According to political experts and historians, Biden is essentially paving the way for Harris to follow in his footsteps. Joel Goldstein, a university professor and vice presidency expert, also confirms the intense closeness of the Biden-Harris relationship.

According to Goldstein, Biden is working to “credentialize” his vice president and is therefore creating a “very public show” of their appearances together. Already, there are wide speculations that Harris will eventually either finish Biden’s presidential term or run for president herself in 2024.

Biden-Harris or Harris-Biden?

Warnings that Biden would not truly be in charge as president followed him throughout the 2020 presidential election. Now that Biden is actually in the White House, more Americans than ever are skeptical that he’s up for the job.

The Biden presidency, thus far, has been a conglomeration of Biden speaking through either his vice president or press secretary. Americans want to hear from the 46th president himself, though, and that’s not happening unless Biden is flanked by aides.

This hence indicates that someone within the current president’s inner circle doesn’t believe that he’d be able to handle uncensored, unfiltered talks with the press.

Do you think Joe Biden is preparing Kamala Harris to eventually take over the presidency? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the Biden-Harris relationship down below in the comments section.

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