Mark Your Calendars: Trump’s Social Media Platform Launches Soon

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The time has come when conservatives online can finally breath a sigh of relief that their entire internet presence won’t be destroyed simply for holding the “wrong” political beliefs.

Former President Donald Trump’s new media venture plans to launch its social media app Truth Social on Presidents Day, Feb. 21, according to an Apple Inc. App Store listing.

TRUTH Social, the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) alternative to Twitter, is available for pre-order before going live on the holiday.

Similar to Twitter, the app offers features to follow other people and trending topics, according to demo photos.

The app’s launch would come 13 months after Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook and Twitter permanently banned the sitting president without any justification whatsoever.

Americans were forced to relive the debacle this week as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democrat whack jobs gave speeches blaming the Former President for a current decline in democratic standards.

Meanwhile, it’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who seek democracy’s complete destruction using the new voting bill as a catalyst.

Apple has yet to confirm TRUTH’s launch date, but sources familiar with the matter confirmed that Feb. 21 is the planned launch date of the app.

The launch is expected to be the first of three stages in TMTG’s development. The second would be a subscription video-on-demand service called TMTG+ with entertainment, news and podcasts, according to the company website. A November investor presentation indicated that TMTG also wants to launch a podcast network.

TMTG is currently valued at $4.3 billion based on the stock price of Digital World Acquisition Corp. TMTG agreed in October to merge with the blank-check firm at a valuation of $875 million.

Trump supporters and retail investors have snapped up Digital World’s stock, betting that Trump’s popularity with his Republican political base will translate into commercial runaway success.

The blank-check acquisition deal faces regulatory risk. Democrat U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren asked Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler last month to investigate the planned merger for potential violations of securities laws around disclosure. The SEC has declined to comment on whether it plans any action.

TMTG last month raised an additional $1 billion from private investors.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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